Markovina Estate is a family business, the family have owned the business since the early 1950’s and now being run by the second and third generation of Markovina’s.

We also have a great team behind us, plus our all important groundsman Mark Braithwaite.

Meet the Team

Rina Markovina

Owner & Director

Rina has always had a strong passion for hospitality, she become involved with Markovina Vineyard Estate 10 years after the first vines were planted on the property which was back in 1966. She moved onto the property and raised her two children, Mark & Antonia Markovina. Markovina Vineyard Estate operated as a boutique vineyard for many decades, Rina’s role being the driving force of the catering and event activities over the years. Without her developing the events business and focusing on the continuous improvements to the estate property we would not have the outstanding wedding and events venue we have today.

You will often see Rina around the venue as she is still actively involved and ensures our service delivery is kept to a high standard

Meet the Team

Mark Markovina

Owner & Director

With over 25 years of experience and growing up at the family wedding and events venue, Mark knows exactly what it takes to create a successful event. With a passion for weddings and events, Mark is always searching for new ways to continuously make enhancements to our venue, with most recently planting flowering pear trees, adding yet another stunning photography opportunity onsite.

Day to day, Mark heads the operation of family business and is often onsite during the weekend taking visits and planning meetings. Mark is always available for answering any questions you may have leading up to your special day, and is the best point of contact for anything COVID related.

Contact Mark on or (09) 412 8608

Meet the Team

Katrina Mateo

Events Manager

Our primary Events Manager Katrina ensures your wedding day runs seamlessly and is a wonderful occasion for your and your guests. Onsite before your guest arrival and for the duration of your wedding, Katrina liaises with your MC on the day, allowing you to relax and enjoy the special occasion.

Contact Katrina on

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