Markovina Estate is a family business, the family have owned the business since the late 1960’s and now being run by the second and third generation of Markovina’s.

We also have a great team behind us, our venue manager Gemma Adams, our head chef Nick Lee plus our all important groundsman Mark Braithwaite.

Meet the Team

Rina Markovina

Owner & Director

Rina was born in Croatia and came to  New Zealand when she was 18. Since  Markovina Vineyards Limited first opened in the 1960’s as a boutique vineyard  Rina has always had a flair for hospitality from catering for wine trails to functions and events and she has been the driving force of the business. Rina has been responsible for Markovina Vineyard Estate developing into the outstanding function and events centre it is today.

Rina has two children, Antonia and  Mark, who are both married. Each of them  married at Markovina Estate. Now she is the baba (grandmother) of five amazing grandsons, the newest addition being  Antonia’s first child.

Rina loves spending time with her  family and has a passion for planting and developing gardens.  The gardens in the estate were all developed with a strong influence from Rina.

Meet the Team

Mark Markovina

Owner & Director

Mark was born into the hospitality business and was well versed in the basics of wine making at an early age. Growing up in the family business at Markovina Vineyard Estate his love of entertaining developed and evolved to where he now heads up the family business.

With over 20 years of experience at the family function and event centre, Mark knows exactly what it takes to create a successful event. His experience, love and expertise to put together an event right down to the last little details exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Mark attended Auckland University and attained a BCom majoring in Commercial Law and later gained access to the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Any spare time is taken up enjoying his family and regularly playing social sports. He talks proudly of his four wonderful children and his amazing wife Elizabeth and to put it simply – just enjoys life.

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Markovina


Away from the family business Elizabeth has a very busy life with her family. Her primary role as mother to four boys is in itself full time! You can imagine all the cooking and cleaning that goes on, not to mention ferrying the boys to and from all their different activities! Working part time at the family business gives her diversity and a complete contrast from her domestic duties.

When Elizabeth does get a moment or two to herself away from what she describes as her ‘insane, loud and noisy family’ she escapes from the madness
and finds solace in a good book… until the noise encroaches, the boys want something and her busy lifestyle starts all over again.

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