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Getting the best out of your team

Fulfillment, best practice and staff recognition rank high in the list of terms that contribute to workplace efficiency and so too does team-building.

Team building programs provide realistic experiences that empower staff members to work towards a common goal. Improving productivity by motivating staff towards a collective organisational goal is no easy task, it requires a breaking down of barriers, a change in mindset and staff buy-in and the best way to get there is by ramping up the fun factor.

Benefits of team building in a corporate environment

Enter the team building professional

A team building professional is armed with charm, personality and creative techniques.

They are a modern day combination of entertainer, therapist and teacher – delivering to the awaiting converted, high impact learning experiences.

The range of lessons taught in team building sessions are numerous and the ways in which they are taught are equally so. An essential step in the team building process is establishing the grounds for change. Key to this is the elimination of physical, personal and social barriers.

Breaking down barriers

These barriers are inevitably built up as we go about our daily working lives. Be it the social groupings we develop and find ourselves in or the personal aversion or judgments we hold of others in our so called “team”. This level of dysfunction is dare I say, normal in most working environments, however the benefits found by eliminating it are potentially great.

The road to change is paved by…

  • Fun activities, which put people at ease, and when we are at ease, we are more receptive to change or positive enhancement
  • A change of location, when we are taken out of a common or shared working environment, social barriers can be challenged with more positive results

So then where do you go to get this combination of space and isolation from the office?

Benefits of team building in a corporate environment

Top corporate venue works collaboratively

Markovina Vineyard Estate are a popular venue of choice for many corporate events that include team building, seminars and functions of various sizes. Only twenty minutes from the Auckland CBD the venue fits the ‘isolation from the office’ factor perfectly and more importantly, the staff at Markovina work with you to deliver a great day.

We work towards the team building premise of collaboration. And like your staff who work together in team-building activities to gain an understanding of what individuals need from one another within the company, to achieve a common goal, so too do the staff at Markovina. We work with you to understand your needs and we deliver on them.

Staying on the theme of team building lessons is culture. Employees typically have the opportunity to experience and practice their company culture during a team building session. They become engaged in a ‘way of doing’ that is aligned with the values of the company. It is this collision of culture and value, experienced first hand and not read from a company handbook, that helps solidify for staff the importance of culture in the company’s success.

Benefits of team building in a corporate environment

Culture is paramount

As hosts the Markovina crew live team building on a B2B basis everyday. Culture for us makes up a huge part of what we do and why we are successful. Come and talk to us and find out what we can add to an event combined with an exceedingly high level of attentiveness.

What culminates is a uniquely felt event or experience and the client(s) leave having felt firsthand, care and dedication – Culture.

“My personal email through to you is to take the time to express our sincere thanks for such an excellent hosting of our end of year Christmas function. From the time we arrived and we warmly greeted onto the property – all the way through to our departure the service offered by all staff was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. The entire catered lunch was very well received and there were many positive comments from staff who made special mention of the variety and quality of food offered to us”.

The University of Auckland – 20 December 2013.

For a team building or any other corporate event that requires a high level of dedication and adherence to company culture we would love to hear from you and plan your event.

We have the space, excellent facilities and a willingness to meet your needs so let us help with your next or inaugural team building session to create a successful day.

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