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DIY Wedding decor advice

4 Key pieces of DIY wedding decor advice to simplify your wedding plans

If you’re planning to DIY your wedding décor, you’re in for a lot of fun… but a lot of hard work as well. DIY wedding décor can be incredibly rewarding but with the help of some handy tips and tricks, you can really nail this element of your wedding.

Good DIYs are both creative and unique. If you love to craft and create, you’ll be naturally inclined to add a little DIY here and there on your wedding day.

One thing is certain when you DIY your wedding décor, you’re creating something truly unique. These one-of-a-kind crafts will be seen at your wedding and your wedding only, making your wedding day one to remember.

When you opt for DIY wedding décor, you can showcase your style and colour palette just the way you want to. Bright, bold, romantic, rustic or elegant – you can make your wedding décor exactly the way you want it to be, not the way it was bought off the shelf.

While there are plenty of great DIY ideas out there, we’re here to offer some advice on how to pull off your DIY wedding décor.

Here are our key DIY wedding décor tips.

1) Choose a style and stick to it

We all have our own personal style and the beauty of DIY wedding décor allows us to show it off. For the creative types, it’s not always as simple as going out and buying the things you want. After all, most of the time those things don’t exist until you’ve made them.

When it comes to style, our piece of advice is to stick to one theme across all of your DIY wedding décor ideas. You’ll know whether you want to go down the rustic route or if you want to keep things sleek and elegant.

Whatever you decide, make sure the same theme is presented throughout all of your creations to avoid having your décor look like a mish-mash of all sorts. Ultimately, you want your DIY wedding décor to make sense and showcase one style that truly represents you.

2) Keep DIY wedding decor simple

It’s easy to go a little overboard when it comes to DIY wedding décor. With the likes of Pinterest, we have thousands of wedding décor ideas at our fingertips. While we know your mood boards will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you really need to be exact in what you’re going to create. Once you have decided on these, it’s best to put the app down and stop the searching.

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, but having a finite amount of DIY wedding décor creations makes things much easier to manage. It also allows you to ensure you’ve finished one craft before starting another, preventing you from having 50 unfinished décor pieces when your wedding day rolls around.

3) Small details have a big impact

No matter what style you have chosen, there are a number of ways you can inject your creativity into the smaller details of your wedding décor. We tend to forget how much of an impact that small details have. Trust us, they won’t go unnoticed.

Small things like an eclectic range of vases or dried floral place settings will have your guests ooohing and aaahing over the detail you’ve put into your wedding décor. Don’t write off the smaller details. These creations are a lot simpler to put together yet will have a huge impact on your wedding décor as a whole.

4) Don't let DIY decor blow your budget

As we said earlier, be sure to have a clear set of ideas before you begin your DIY journey. This not only makes things easier for you, but it also ensures you don’t blow the budget. While DIY is synonymous with cost-cutting, it’s easy to over-do it. If you’re looking to save money through DIY wedding décor, make sure it does result in the most cost-effective wedding décor option.

Like all things weddings, you’ll need a budget. Be sure to stick to it. You don’t want to find you can’t finish your DIY because you blew the budget on supplies. The beauty of DIY is that it largely consists of upcycling. Opp shops and garage sales are great places to find treasures that can be transformed into stylish, unique wedding décor.

Craft supplies can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to create large pieces of décor. Be mindful about how much you’re spending and keep a record of what the costs have been throughout your DIY journey.

Weddings provide the perfect setting for showcasing your style through DIY wedding décor. But, with so many ideas out there, it’s not always easy to make a DIY plan and stick to it. It’s always handy to be given advice from the experts and, here at Markovina, we know a thing or two about weddings!

Having hosted hundreds of weddings, we are experts in making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. Our staff are passionate about giving couples the wedding they’d always dreamed of and will go over and above to ensure that happens.

As a venue space, Markovina has it all. For couples who prefer to leave the decorating to someone else, we will take care of it for you. But, by all means, let us know what wedding DIY you’re planning and we will work with you to ensure it has a place on the day.

It’s all about working together to make sure your day is everything you want it to be. Year-round, Markovina Vineyard Estate is a popular wedding venue. Come and check it out for yourself. Call us today.


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