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Having worked at many Party Bus Boogie Night Functions at various venues, this was to be my first at the Avondale Events Centre and obviously I was excited by the challenge ahead of me, transforming the normally bland centre into a boogie wonderland, designed to delight.

Here’s a tast of the fun you can expect to have at Boogie Nights. Get your staff together and watch the smiles on their faces! This event never loses its appeal.

Always keen to modify and keep things fresh and updated for our customers’ delight, we have made many changes from last season including a re-vamped ‘Boogie Bar’.

New neon sign lights up the bar

The huge neon sign is a boogie beacon of where to refuel for the night ahead.

We have also added more disco balls from the entrance onwards, a greater sound and light system and the entrance way itself is themed, lit and a vortex to boogie heaven. The vibe starts here and as you enter you just know this is going to be one fantastic party night!

Boogie Nights comes to life in Avondale

Seeing the faces of our guests as they came through the beaded entranceway was a delight. I got to see the amazement on their faces and that was recognition enough of a decorating job well done.

DJ sets the scene with the disco vibe

Setting the scene even further was our DJ with disco music playing, boogie lights on and the haze machine topped it all off by filling the dance floor with a 80’s haze that made the room look a-maaazing.

Boogie Nights comes to life in Avondale

Everything was looking great and perfectly representing the 80’s theme as our guests stepped it up even further, decked out in costumes that would make any 80’s aficionado very proud.

Armed with wonderful props like Elvis wigs,aviator sunnies, connoisseur moustache’s and even rollerblades they represented the 80’s with fun and flair. The effort put into the outfits really lifted the already great atmosphere and brought true life and feeling to the event.

Costumes are great at any time, they allow us to see our workmates in a completely new light. It’s impossible to take anyone seriously with an afro wig and rollerblades… boss or no boss.

Dinner and refuel for the night ahead

As for dinner, it was delicious! There is such a wide range of options to choose from and no-one is left wanting and no taste is left unsatisfied.

Boogie Nights comes to life in Avondale

From there, the DJ took over and as daylight faded, the venue became even more breathtaking.

And then they really partied

The party lights shone and brought everything to life and that’s what party lights do. They have an amazing ability to bring a party ambience to any setting. Combine that with amazing, fun, boogie filled music and you are just one conga line and limbo contest away from a true 80’s party.

Boogie Nights comes to life in Avondale

Envious of the fab 80’s frivolity? I dont blame you.

However,don’t be envious… instead contact the team at Party Bus and get your team booked in for the 2014 festive season. You will not be disappointed!

We can take care of everything for you from transport, food, beverages,venue and theme.

Simply, we have it all covered and all you have to do is turn up with an infallible party attidue and a killer 80’s get-up.

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