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Every wedding has a different budget, a different number of guests, different food on the menu and a different overall style. But every wedding couple has one thing in common, they have all had to choose a wedding date.

As soon as you get engaged, the question hot on everyone’s lips will be “so when’s the big day?”

There might be a date of sentimental value that you’ve always set your sights on, but there is more to think about than just what works for you.

Here’s what you need to consider to ensure you’ve picked the right date from the calendar.


How to choose your wedding date

Is your wedding date suitable for your guests?

Your guests will play a big role in the decision.

Remember, your guests are one of the most important factors on your wedding day.

Without them you’d have to ask yourself what all the planning is for!

The key here is to communicate. Start with the VIPS; your parents, bridal party and closest friends. Once you have agreed on a few dates that suit, consult those who may need to travel.

People will generally have a very valid reason for not attending your wedding so you won’t end up juggling dates around hair appointments and golf games. Often there are other weddings they have already committed to, especially if you’re planning your wedding during the peak season.

You don’t want to get too far in only to realise you’re wedding date is no good for some very important wedding guests!


How to choose your wedding date

Check your wedding venue availability  

Your wedding date selection should coincide with booking your venue to ensure it’s actually available on the date you want. Once you have finalised a date with your guests, get on the phone as soon as you can and book that venue!

If your wedding is in the off season, you won’t need to hold your breath quite as much.

But, as many of us like to get married in the summer time, you’d be surprised at how far in advance a venue should be booked.

Some people plan a couple of years in advance so don’t assume your date will be free.

Here are Markovina Vineyard Estate we see couples who are extremely organised and many who are not. If you are the latter by nature, this is your time to dig deep and find the organisational skills you never knew you had. Better to put in the effort than be disappointed.


How to choose your wedding date

Consider the seasons

We’re not suggesting you predict the exact conditions of the day but we have some idea of what the weather can be like during certain months of the year.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • In what months does it commonly rain a lot?
  • When do the spring equinox winds hit?
  • When are temperatures at their hottest/coldest?
  • Does your venue have an indoor location?

Depending on the conditions you’re hoping for, you really need to think about what you could expect the weather to do on your big day.

How to choose your wedding date

Are weddings on public holidays a good idea?

The jury is still out on this one.

There are some pros and cons about having a wedding on a public holiday.

If it’s a religious holiday it may be considered insensitive that you didn’t just choose a different date.

However, many couples argue that having a wedding on a public holiday is a great thing, particularly when weddings happen on a Saturday or Sunday before a holiday on Monday. With more time to spend with friends and family (and more time to recover), this is definitely the upside of choosing a public holiday for your wedding date.

If you have your heart set on it, you’ll be able to gauge whether this is a good idea or not once you’ve discussed the date with your guests. Keep in mind that for those travelling, holiday rates are more expensive.

So hold these discussions as early as possible.

How to choose your wedding date

When we get down to the nitty gritty, choosing a wedding date isn’t such an easy step in the wedding planning process. Picking the perfect day to walk down the aisle should be practical, personal and allow you enough time to plan the wedding of your dreams.

With the average engagement time being around 15 months, many couples make the mistake of leaving things to the last minute.

If there’s one thing we can recommend, it’s booking your venue as early as possible.

Here at Markovina, we only host one wedding per day to ensure our couples can make full use of the grounds. Therefore we advise that couples book with us as soon as they have a wedding date to avoid any disappointment.

If you’ve got through that first, vital step and you’ve chosen your wedding date, pop over for a visit.

As the perfect wedding venue, couples who visit Markovina find themselves booking the venue that same day.

Call us today!

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