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When organising your Christmas party event, there are so many variables to take into account, with that in mind, it makes sense to put your trust in the hands of an experienced venue host, capable of pulling off a successful end of year event.

Markovina are long known as one of Auckland’s great wedding experts. However, as a lateral thinking company, Markovina have noticed the lack of flexible, catered and customizable party venues in Auckland.

So why not extend what we already do – hosting and hospitality and alter it to include Christmas and corporate events. At Markovina we have taken the holistic hospitality approach we are famous for in our wedding packages and tailored them to fit other party needs like Christmas lunches or dinners and corporate mid or end of year events.

Christmas party themes to surprise and entertain your staff

Christmas parties made easy

Our approach is to combine all the key elements you need in a great party, into one easy package; creating a memorable and easy to organise staff event.

In line with this approach we have a number of pre-tested, pre-run and pre-organised events to choose from and for ease you can simply choose one of our event packages or discuss with us the option of creating something independent for an exclusive event.

Our packages are perfect for either smaller companies who want to join with other like minded companies to enjoy the atmosphere of a larger event.

For this option simply choose one of our Combined Christmas Parties, we keep the cost low so you have an amazing event that includes everything you need – menu, beverages, venue, hosting, theme and atmosphere.

We are also able to arrange transportation to and from the venue with all our party packages. Just contact us to discuss your travel requirements and we will be happy to add this into your total package cost.

This Christmas season Markovina have the following Combined Christmas Parties:


Christmas party themes to surprise and entertain your staff

This event sold out in our Christmas 2013 season.

The popularity of this event can in part be attributed to the great theme, venue set-up and interactive nature of the event. There are no additional costs for things like the supplied props and live actors.

As a package deal, keeping to budget is a breeze and your guests are set for an epic night of medieval fun.

The price per person includes all of the great elements of our Christmas party packages from great food and beverages to live entertainment and costumes for all your guests. This package is all about fun and entering into the Christmas spirit!


Christmas party themes to surprise and entertain your staff

You don’t always need a theme to have a great night out. At Markovina Estate we have the perfect venue, amazing food, great beverage options and in-house DJ to ensure your night is a success.

When you come to a Markovina Dine & Dance event, our main events area is set up for you to dine under a canopy of grapevines followed by dancing to our in-house DJ with an array of disco and laser lighting effects.


Christmas party themes to surprise and entertain your staff

The best way to ensure all your staff attend your next Christmas Party, book a luncheon event during work hours.

Why not opt for an early afternoon event where your staff can relax on a beautiful summer’s day and enjoy a range of outdoor activities at our estate or simply relax with a glass of wine in hand while exploring the expansive gardens and multiple pond features our estate has to offer.

And because it’s summer you can choose from our standard menu options or try our gourmet summer barbecue.

Don’t worry about the weather; we have ample covered spaces at our estate, should the unpredictable Auckland weather throw in a bit of wind or rain.

For larger companies, why not book an exclusive event?

Christmas party themes to surprise and entertain your staff

At Markovina we take the same exclusive approach we use with the weddings held on site and offer that to companies – the exclusive use of the venue for a Christmas or end of year party to rival all others.

We can customise a package to fit your needs, whether that’s a formal black tie event, themed evening or a more casual approach. Markovina vineyard is vast in space, and includes expansive gardens with pond features and indoor and outdoor seating options.

At Markovina we have all the options and solutions for your Christmas lunch, dinner or party event here in Auckland.

For a venue of beauty and dedicated experienced hosts, simply contact one of our team and we will work with you to find the best option for your team

Or, if you are looking at an exclusive event we will work with you and put together everything we know to make your event a big success.

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