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We’ve had the privilege of hosting hundreds of weddings here at Markovina Vineyard Estate and each wedding brings their own unique style to our venue. We thought we’d share some of the creative wedding cake ideas we’ve seen in the past to give you some inspiration.

These creations prove that you can achieve any cake style you like these days, be it traditional or outside-the-square.

The naked cake

The naked cake has gained some serious traction these last few years as couples have begun to favour the cake more than the icing.

While fondant looks amazing and creates a flawless, clean cake, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Naked cakes are perfect for a minimalist look and provide a good canvas for decorating in creative ways. Fresh flowers, jewels and striking fabrics are some of the many decorative ideas we’ve seen on naked cakes. Although they are not covered in smooth fondant, naked cakes are still structured, tidy and well-presented.

A beautiful sculpture for the cake table.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

The multi-flavoured cake

Can’t decide on a flavour? Arguing over the colour?

This cake shows that you can have the best of all worlds if you choose to do so. Here we can see that the couple has gone for half dark and half white, showing that you can achieve multi-flavours and colours in both your cake and your icing.

Many couples also choose to have a different flavour per cake layer. If you want to do this, have a chat with your cake maker to get an idea of what flavours work well together.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

The medieval creation

We love it when couples do the unexpected and this cake was something really special.

This cake proves there are no limits on what you can create these days. Just look what the cake maker has done here – it’s a castle!

Making wedding cakes is an art. Before you put your idea in the too-hard basket, talk to your cake maker. You just never know what they can do and it’s highly likely they’ll have the talent to create the cake you want.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

The “cheese” cake 

We all love cheesecake. But what about a cheese cake?

This couple has used some stunning New Zealand cheese in place of a sweet wedding cake. This idea is taking off now that we’re seeing couple veer away from traditional wedding ideas.

If you’re a cheese lover, make all your cheese dreams come true on your wedding cake table. Surprise and delight your guests with some exquisite cheese for dessert.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

The gift of cake

Wedding traditions are extremely important to some couples. In this case, it was a tradition to give a cake to each side of the family as a gift to take home.

Having seen this tradition at previous weddings of family members, this was an important tradition for the couple to uphold on their own special day. They also had a multi-tiered cake created for their cake cutting ceremony.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

Creative wedding toppers

Gone are the days of standard plastic figurines at the top of your cake. These days your cake topper can be absolutely anything you like.

Whether it’s a floral arrangement or a custom-made creation, the cake topper is a great way to get creative.

The wedding couple has had a bit of fun with this cake. The cake maker has created fondant sculptures showing the couple in their wedding attire, relaxed, drink in hand. This will have, no doubt, made the wedding guests smile as they came to get their slice.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

Cultural cakes

Your wedding cake also gives you an opportunity to inject some of your cultures into your day. You can showcase your heritage by using traditional colours, flavours and styles that reflect who you are and where you’ve come from.

The wedding couple here has chosen Croque-en-bouche style cake with cream-filled choux pastry. This is traditionally served at weddings in Italy and France. It is sculptured into a cake formation, enabling the couple to cut into it together.

If you are hoping to incorporate your culture into your wedding day, your wedding cake gives you a great canvas for doing so.

Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas

Wow your guest with any of these creative wedding cake ideas

Wedding cakes are so much more than a tasty dessert. While the flavour is important, it’s the style that will really wow your guests. As you can see from the cakes we’ve seen in the past, your wedding cake is also a prime opportunity to add your personal touch to your wedding day.

We understand how important it is for weddings to be unique to every couple. You should have the ability to get creative in all areas of your wedding day, including your venue. We encourage couples to decorate our reception space and truly make their day their own.

If you’re looking for a venue that gives every wedding the individual attention it deserves, call us today.

Better yet, arrange a time to pop up and see us. We’d love to meet you.

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