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We all love a good wedding. Who wouldn’t love a day of food, fun and flowing wine at someone else’s expense?  But while we enjoy all those wedding day treats, is it really ‘free’ for the wedding guest?

Being a wedding guest is a privilege, however it also means you’ll be making a few purchases before the big day.

Finding an outfit, buying a gift and arranging transport and accommodation can see those expenses adding up quickly right before your eyes, especially if you have more than one wedding to attend in a short space of time.

Before you get too stressed about how you’re going to fund every wedding on your calendar, here are some genius tips and tricks to help you along without breaking the bank.

5 easy tips for a wedding guest to keep to a budget

Split the cost of accommodation

Nowadays we are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation. Once upon a time we had to fork out megabucks for a single-bed hotel room but with the introduction of AirBnB and Bookabach, you can find amazing, affordable accommodation anywhere in the country. The best thing about these services is that you can all stay together and share the cost between you, dramatically reducing your accommodation expenses.

If you’re not close with any of the other guests, ask the bride and groom to team you up with a group of like-minded wedding guests who might be interested in shared accommodation.

5 easy tips for a wedding guest to keep to a budget

Plan as early as possible

Planning early means you’re not going to be hit with a whole lot of expenses at once. Start ticking things off when your ‘Save the Date’ card arrives, so you can be stress free when the day arrives.

It seems a little unfair that the wedding season coincides with peak season. Travel and accommodation rates are noticeably higher during peak season, but if you book well in advance you’ll have no trouble scoring a bargain! You might even find a group deal that you could share with other wedding guests.

5 easy tips for a wedding guest to keep to a budget

Rent your wedding guest outfit

Looking to buy a new outfit for the wedding but wondering when on earth you’ll ever wear it again?

Boys and girls, the solution is easy! Rent one!

No need to buy the dress or suit that’ll be pushed to the back of the wardrobe. Renting your wedding guest outfit means you can wear something different to each wedding for the fraction of the cost. It’s designer too! And no one needs to know.

5 easy tips for a wedding guest to keep to a budget

Pitch in for a gift

If your budget is tight, arrange to pitch in for a gift with a group of fellow wedding guests. Pooling your funds together will allow you to get something truly memorable for the wedding couple.

Think about what the bride and groom would really want and make it achievable together.

The more the merrier!

Round up enough people and the per-person price is significantly cheaper. This way the couple gets the gift they want and you purchase something that fits within your budget. It’s a win-win!

5 easy tips for a wedding guest to keep to a budget

Make allowances for yourself

It used to be said that the gift you give the bride and groom should amount to what they spent on you during the wedding. But it is not up to you how much the bride and groom spent on their big day, so this is no longer a guideline to go by.

The etiquette nowadays is to simply do what you can afford.

Remember that your presence is the most important thing, not how much your outfit cost or how much you spent on the gift. And if you attend a destination wedding it’s perfectly OK not to give a gift as the cost of attending itself is pricey. The bride and groom will simply appreciate the effort you’ve gone to just to be there and share their special day.

5 easy tips for a wedding guest to keep to a budget

Forget those pangs of anxiety over the cost of being a wedding guest.

With these few simple tricks, you can be a stylish yet budget-conscious wedding guest. At the end of the day you’re there to celebrate the love of two people, not the shoes you bought just for the occasion.

Markovina Vineyard Estate is only a 30 minute drive from central Auckland, making it easy for wedding guests to find accommodation either close to the venue or in the city. We host weddings of all budgets, each with their own unique and stunning qualities.

Been invited to a wedding at Markovina?

Give us a call for some helpful tips on affordable accommodation and transport. We are only too happy to help.


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