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At your next corporate event, product launch or company
presentation, why not plan an event that will have your clients and
potential clients talking about for days, weeks, months and
probably years later!

The best way to ensure the success of your event is to book the
best location. This is a great start and will certainly encourage
your guests to want to come.

How to ensure your next corporate event is a huge success

At Markovina we can create an atmosphere and ambience for
any sort of event and with our dedicated staff will organise every
little detail that you might otherwise miss.

An event they won’t forget!

Whether you want a day or evening event Markovina Vineyard
Estate can arrange everything for you including food and beverages,
a stunning fully equipped venue and a host of ideas and festivities
throughout the occasion.

First off get them on board one of our party
where you can set the mood and scene for the day’s
events. Choose from one of our Premium or Luxury Vehicles, or, if
you really want to impress check out the VIPER
Limo Coach
with lounge seating, on board toilet facilities and
your own personal host. As your guests sit back enjoying the
conversation and music they are transported safely and in style to
as they relax and enjoy a refreshing drink.

When they arrive at our beautiful vineyard setting the scenery
will take their breath away and they will feel invigorated by the
fresh air and lush countryside as they eagerly await the day’s

Inside the venue they will find comfortable chairs and tables in
a spacious environment where they can move freely. They will be
impressed and excited that you have chosen a venue that suits them
so well, and yet the best is still to come.

Once your presentation is completed, your clients can partake in
a luncheon that
offers a wide choice of beautifully displayed cuisine.

They can enjoy their lunch under cover or outside where they can
sit among the beautifully tended grounds of our vineyard.

After relaxing and discussing the morning session they can
regroup and look forward to the afternoon session or imbibe in some
fun team building activities.

How to ensure your next corporate event is a huge success


This might include breakout groups so your clients can get a
more personal insight into you, your company and your product.

As your guests arrive for their individual sessions they will
find beverages and nibbles waiting for them. This is a small touch
that will go towards making a favourable impression and your
clients will be eager to clinch the deal you’ve been working

How to ensure your next corporate event is a huge success

When the last breakout session is done – it’s time to really
relax and unwind.

Your guests will be keen to unwind and what better way to do
this than offer them cuisine of the highest quality and some
entertainment to end a productive and successful day.

With small tables and comfortable chairs available, your guests
can mingle and get to know each other in this very relaxed
atmosphere. There is even a dance floor where guests can cut loose
and have some fun.

You may have arranged to have a themed event of “A Medieval
banquet and we can provide some wonderful costumes for
them to wear to get them into the theme along with a fabulous feast
you have provided for everyone’s gastronomic enjoyment!

How to ensure your next corporate event is a huge success

With all this special treatment your clients are now really
appreciating the effort and expense you have put in to make this
event a huge success.

As the evening comes to an end, everyone boards the party bus
which will transport them safely back to a central location or
their individual hotels.

If anyone has partied a little too heartily, you don’t need to
worry about them driving home. You know they will be delivered back
in safety as you have taken care of their transportation needs.

How to ensure your next corporate event is a huge success

This has been a momentous, first class event, and your clients
have been treated in the grand manner that they deserve!  They
will talk about it for a long time…


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