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Wrapping up for the year is no easy task. To get everything in order before we take our Christmas break can often mean a series of late nights at the office and a few missed social gatherings. But while we work flat-out to meet deadlines, we need to keep in mind that this will all be over soon and you’ll want to celebrate that. And what better way to sign off 2018 than with an epic Christmas party.

If you haven’t organised anything yet, we can sense your panic.

But there’s good news!

Believe it or not, you still have time to book an epic Christmas party with us here at Markovina Vineyard Estate.

Dont miss out on an epic Christmas party   theres still time to book!

We’ll organise it so you don’t have to

We know how busy you are at this time of year, both in and out of work.

What you need is the kind of Christmas event that isn’t going to take up any of your time.

And we know how precious time is at this time!

Organising an epic Christmas party with us requires nothing more than a simple phone call. We’ll run through a few questions with you to gauge what kind of event you’re hoping to have, and we’ll work on finding the perfect date to bring it all together. It really is that easy.

We will provide you with your own menu and even personalise it to suit your requirements.

Gluten free? Dairy free? No problem, our team of amazing chefs can whip up an exceptional Christmas feast.

Sit down dinner, buffet or platter style – tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

We can also provide you with a DJ and a dance floor, because what would an epic Christmas party be without a good boogie?

Dont miss out on an epic Christmas party   theres still time to book!

Your staff will thank you

Whilst we’re sure it’s been a big year for you, it’s important to remember the efforts of everyone around you. Your staff need to be acknowledged for their hard work, which is what a Christmas party is all about.

It’s difficult to show your appreciation when you’re in the thick of things throughout the year.

Thanking staff is one of the most important ways to boost their morale.

After all, we all want to feel as though we’re recognised as a value member of the team.

Particularly if you struggle to squeeze in those staff bonding events during the year, it’s almost vital that you organise an epic Christmas party. If you want your staff to feel valued, there’s no better way than to shout them an amazing night out.

Our testimonials are a credit to the kind of service we provide here at Markovina. We want everyone to have a fantastic time and we’ll go over and above to ensure the needs of you and your staff are fully catered for.

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to yourself and your team! The night was a brilliant success, the food was AMAZING, and the hospitality was second to none.” – McDonalds Head Office.

Dont miss out on an epic Christmas party   theres still time to book!

Gear up for a great 2019 with an epic Christmas party

A new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. To get the best attempt at a fresh start, you need closure on the year before. It’s this very reason that so many of us are frantically trying to tie up loose ends right now. The end of the year is approaching and we just want to begin 2019 with a clean slate.

The whole point of a Christmas party with your workplace is to say a formal farewell to the year you’ve just had. This is your chance to celebrate the good times and say good riddance to the bad times. And if it’s an epic Christmas party, you’ll feel like you closed 2018 in style.

We know how important it is to celebrate the end of the year with your colleagues. You’ll instantly sense a boost in team spirit as you and your staff take the chance to bond and relax outside of the office.

Have fun, don’t talk about work and get to know each other on a whole new level – it’s what an epic Christmas party is all about! It’s an unfortunate fact that if you don’t host a Christmas party, it’ll send a negative message to your employees.

Finish the year on a high with a fun and exciting thank you to your staff.

Dont miss out on an epic Christmas party   theres still time to book!

With our team at the ready to organise your Christmas event, there’s really no reason not to make the phone call and book your epic Christmas party at Markovina Vineyard Estate.

Pick up the phone today and call us. It’s not too late!

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