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As you approach your wedding, time seems to tick by faster and faster. All the big jobs should be out of the way and the finer details will be slowly coming together. If there’s one thing that is notoriously left to the last minute, it’s wedding favours.

If you’ve been to your fair share of weddings before, you’ll no doubt have been given all sorts of wedding favours. Some edible, some lasting, and some just plain junk. To avoid the latter, don’t leave it too late to think of a great idea for a wedding favour.

Why are wedding favours so important? They’re a symbol of appreciation; a gift to your guests for being there to witness one of the biggest days in your lives. Dating all the way back to the eighth century, wedding favours have always been considered important.

The days of candied fruit and sugared almonds are long gone. We live in a creative age where wedding favours can be practical, affordable and, most of all, enjoyable.

Here are our top five ideas for creating the best wedding favours.

Five wedding favours your guests will love

1. Handmade sweet treats

The number one tip for saving a bit of cash on wedding favours is to create something in bulk that can be spread amongst your guests. The cost of purchasing individual gifts will far surpass this idea.

With some clever packaging handmade sweet treats can be jazzed up to look like they’ve come straight from a French patisserie. Macaroons, chocolates, cookies and cake pops can all be prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen, and the fact that they can be made in bulk will save you oodles of cash.

All it takes is a bit of time and patience. You can always delegate this task to a member of the bridal party!

Five wedding favours your guests will love

2. Sauces, syrups, oils

There are three great things about offering sauces, syrups and oils to your guests:

1) they can be made or bought well in advance

2) they can be made or bought in bulk and decanted into small jars

3) they are long-lasting

Whether you create your own or make a bulk purchase on your favourites, sauces, syrups and oils are a practical and delicious wedding favour idea.

For guests who have a fair way to travel home, they won’t have to discard their wedding gift in fear of it perishing on the journey. Packed with flavour, sauces, syrups and oils can last for months.

Five wedding favours your guests will love

3. A wedding soundtrack

A chance to cut your best shapes is what makes a great wedding reception. Music we can sing along to while busting a move, can have everyone up on the dance floor in seconds. The sheer disappointment when the night ends is felt by all who enjoyed the evening’s sweet tunes.

But it doesn’t have to be over just yet.

Arrange a compilation that sums up both the day and night in one CD. From the wedding song to the dance music, your guests will have some of the best car music for their ride home.

Five wedding favours your guests will love

4. Luggage tags

All weddings require some element of travel, be it near or far. Many guests will have travelled from out of town and many from overseas.

Travel seems to be a standard expectation for most weddings. If you’re invited, you take it seriously and do your absolute best to be there on the day.

Because travel is a common theme surrounding weddings, luggage tags are a useful and creative idea for a wedding favour. Even those who won’t be collecting their luggage from a conveyor belt on the journey home will have plenty of future use for a luggage tag.

5. Replace sweets packaging with witty labels

Let’s face it, we all love a clever pun and wedding favours offer the best opportunity to showcase your witty side. And it doesn’t matter how cheesy they are, puns are always good for a chuckle.

When it comes to puns, the cheesier the better. Here are a few ideas:

1) Replace the labels from Tic Tacs with “Mint to Be”

2) Create a bag of chocolate coins with the label “For Richer For Poorer”

3) On a bag of Jellybeans write “Thanks for bean here with us”

4) Use Hershey’s kisses to say “You deserve a big KISS and thanks!”

5) Label lollipops with “just POPping by to say thanks!”

Five wedding favours your guests will love

As small as the task may seem, wedding favours should be given lots of thought in order to give guests something to take away, that they will love and remember you for.

Booking your wedding at Markovina will ensure the bigger jobs, such as venue, food and beverages are all taken care of. You will have all the time in the world to focus on the smaller details.

So call today and get the ball rolling!

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