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2017 is promising to be a year of thinking outside the box and trying something new. While traditional elements will always have a place at weddings, it is predicted that we will see more of the Bride and Groom’s personal flair in their wedding plans this year.

Last year it was all about vintage style, naked cakes and rustic bohemian settings.

With a revamp of food, fashion and colours, 2017 will have us all tapping into our creative streaks.

All wedding couples want their day to be memorable. Keeping up with trend predictions is a great way to find new ideas that will make your wedding unique.

From cakes to colours, here are our favourite wedding trends for 2017.

These five wedding trends for 2017 will excite and inspire

Eye-catching cakes

It’s going to be… the year for wedding cakes.

With new ideas popping up left, right and centre, the classic multi-tiered cake is beginning to be a thing of the past.

Be artistic, be creative, think about shape, size and structure – that’s what makes a great cake in 2017. New on the scene will be geometric cakes (in patterns or structure) and cakes inspired by an artistic period.

  • Geometric – there’s something about those intricate mosaics of squares, triangles and hexagons that give geometric patterns their eye-popping qualities. Whether it’s iced in geometric patterns or the shape of the cake steers away from the usual circular, geometric cakes are an edgy addition to any wedding.
  • Art-inspired – for the Bride and Groom inspired by art, using your cake to highlight this aspect of your personality is expected to be the trend in 2017. Impressionist, abstract, and pop art are just some of the many themes that will come through in wedding cakes this year. Just imagine all that you could do with such a delicious blank canvas. Let the artist in you shine!

These five wedding trends for 2017 will excite and inspire

Forest settings

What’s not to love about a forest-style setting? Whimsical and mysterious, adding a forest feel to your wedding lets your imagination run wild.

And it’s easy to create! All you need to do is find the right venue where nature is the heart and soul of its beauty.

Surrounded by magical scenery, Markovina Vineyard Estate is the perfect place to achieve a forest feel. With elaborate floral displays, a generous use of greenery and some lush foliage, you can add to the already-stunning backdrop at Markovina and bring the woodlands to your wedding.

These five wedding trends for 2017 will excite and inspire

Two-piece wedding dresses

You don’t need to be a naturally fashion-forward bride to want to wear something unique on your wedding day. A bride’s wedding dress is all part of the spectacle and for many brides-to-be, it may take months of planning to settle on a style.

In 2017 we will see gown glam taken up a notch with the two-piece wedding dress.

We’re not suggesting you go the full bare midriff. A two piece bridal gown either shows a little extra skin or overlaps to create a layered look.

If you’re wondering how to create this trendy look with a tasteful amount of torso, a high-waist skirt paired with a long cropped top is the way to go. This look works best when the top piece has straps or sleeves.

These five wedding trends for 2017 will excite and inspire

Eco-friendly weddings

We live in an age where sustainability is very much a part of our lives. Many of us are trying to move away from being part of a ‘throw-away’ society and sustainability is close to the hearts of many couples.

Minimising waste, sourcing local and seasonal produce and being conscious of your environmental impact are all part of creating an eco-friendly wedding. From stationery to food, there are many areas of your wedding that can be managed with an environmental conscience.

It’s easy. It also makes a lot of sense. Being a one-day event, we often over-compensate for those ‘just in case’ scenarios that very rarely happen. The key is to plan as best you can to avoid any excess that will just be thrown away. There are lots of tips online to help you with this.

These five wedding trends for 2017 will excite and inspire

Interesting colour combinations

Deciding on a colour scheme can be one of the trickiest aspects of wedding planning. Once you have made up your mind it’s not easy to back out.

But who would want to with the amazing colour combinations on trend for 2017? From stationery to fabric, a chosen colour combination can play a big part in your wedding details.

This year, the trendiest colour combinations include:

  • Peach and gold with bursts of green
  • Classic white and Green
  • Burgundy, burnt orange and ivory
  • Coral, navy and white

Each of these combinations work beautifully at Markovina Vineyard Estate. With nature as your backdrop, you will have the liberty to blend whatever colours and shades you desire.

These five wedding trends for 2017 will excite and inspire

The team at Markovina have seen wedding trends come and go, and every year we embrace the changes ahead.

If you have some interesting ideas and need some advice on how to bring them to life, give Markovina a call today and have a chat with one of our friendly staff.

With the right team behind you, you can have the wedding you’ve always wanted.

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