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There’s a diva in all of us. And there’s no better opportunity to let that diva shine than in the process of wedding planning. If you’re known for your glamour, you’ll no doubt be planning a wedding day filled with extravagance and style.

Glamorous weddings are all about making a statement – something which will probably come naturally to you.

Couples who plan to go “all” out on their wedding day have everything arranged, right down to the finest detail. Your guests will notice the lengths you have gone to in order to create the perfect day and that extra mile is sure to stick in their minds for years to come.

Choosing a venue for a wedding of such extravagance is not always easy, especially when your ideas are going into overdrive. Fortunately, Markovina Vineyard Estate has the space and atmosphere to host a wedding of such calibre.

Glamorous wedding ideas to match a stunning wedding venue

Go big or go home

If this is a motto that inspires you on a daily basis, you’re definitely the glamourous type. So why should your wedding be any different?

You can still do all the things to make planning slightly easier like choosing a theme or colour scheme, you’ll just be naturally inclined to take things up a notch… or three.

Your invitations will set the scene of what to expect on the day. Believe it or not, a wedding invitation can say a lot about what a wedding will be like, so make sure they shine with elegance.

For the glamour Kings and Queens, planning will begin early and will most likely be the topic of dinner conversation right up until the wedding day. Embrace it, it’s what it takes to throw a truly glamourous wedding.

Glamorous wedding ideas to match a stunning wedding venue

Decor that oozes luxury

The wedding dinner will not be the only feast on the day, your décor will be a total feast for the eyes as well!

Rich velvets, candelabra, golden hues and vintage collectables are just some of the many ways to inject a mood of glamour into your wedding day.

As with any wedding, flowers make up a huge portion of the wedding décor. And in this case, the bigger the bloom, the better. Showcase your flowers in a way that stands out – hang them, scatter them, create large arrangements. Whatever you decide, be bold, be brave and, above all, be glamourous.

Whether it’s a table arrangement or a guest place card, the same amount of effort goes into each decoration at a glamourous wedding. Glamourous couples are perfectionists and they know that every detail counts.

Glamorous wedding ideas to match a stunning wedding venue

Let your guests feel like celebrities for a day

Personal satisfaction aside, your guests are really the ones you’re doing it all for. They’re the ones who don’t know what to expect, so blow them out of the water!

Treating your guests like Kings and Queens lets them know how grateful you are for having them share your special day.

If there’s one thing your guests will remember, it’s the hospitality they were shown. Of course, the bride and groom are the stars of the occasion but, let’s be honest, it takes more than a beautiful bridal gown to win over your guests.

Ensure they’re as refreshed and comfortable as possible. Cocktails on arrival and artistic hors d’oeuvres will keep their tummies happy, while good music and quality seating will keep their spirits high.

Leave a lasting impression with a stand-out wedding favour. Go a step further than the standard expectations and create something that will really show your appreciation for your guests. Remember, many will have travelled far and wide to be there with you, so make these as fabulous as all other elements of the day.

Glamorous wedding ideas to match a stunning wedding venue

Choose an awe-inspiring setting

Both glamour and drama are essential when choosing a venue that will match the extravagance of your wedding day. And Markovina Vineyard Estate will offer everything you need and more.

Rolling hills and greenery as far as the eye can see is just the kind of drama you need on such a romantic occasion. With a setting as magical as this one, a wedding is more than just a wedding – it’s a spectacle.

From garden settings to the moody indoors, Markovina has five ceremony locations to choose from. If you want to change your mind at the last minute, go ahead. It’s perfect for the diva in you.

The team at Markovina are on hand to guide you through the process or, in your case, take your direction wherever necessary. Give them a call today and start to get your glamour on!

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