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Like most people, you love the unique style of a handmade wedding, but don’t want to be burdened with having to do everything yourself?

So striking the right balance of handmade and hosted becomes essential and the key to keeping you cool, calm and collected on your big day.

The best handmade weddings are typified by top to bottom styling with a fully incorporated theme. Flowers, table settings and seating arrangements are artistically arranged in unconventional and cleaver ways.

Like this Personalised welcome board – it screams cleaver idea, combined with unique style that’s perfectly executed, and pulls at your cords of envy and has you asking “that’s so cool, why didn’t I think of it?”

It’s only natural you would want to incorporate these enviable homemade elements into your wedding while you also want to keep parts of the wedding day fully hosted and stress free.

Getting the right balance

Like with many things, that all depends on you and a few key influencing factors like ahh… budget and oh yeah, time…precious time.

So let’s weigh things up

Handmade and hosted weddings are a perfect fit

Whole wedding fully outsourced

In decorative terms it includes a wedding planner, decorators or theme stylists, florists and prop suppliers.

Summation: expensive and lacking a personal touch

Full homemade wedding experience

All decorations, table arrangements and favours are made yourself. You must then deliver and install your creations, or you could delegate that to a trusted Maid of Honour or other family member. Depending on your choice of venue you could also be supplying linen, cutlery, plates everything right down to the salt ‘n pepper shakers!

Summation: possibly cheaper but not guaranteed, full of personal touches and time consuming. Unless you are looking at getting a marquee and then costs can get expensive.

The ideal situation: a combination of the two which would weed out the cons and combine the pros to give you the ‘best of both worlds’.


Handmade and hosted weddings are a perfect fit

Venue is key to a successful wedding day and finding one that works with your style requirements is crucial.

Garden venues are great and work beautifully with handmade personal touches.

Markovina has a choice of numerous garden settings complete with pond and rock formations that would set any handmade brides imagination alight – hurricane lamps lining the aisles or mason jars filled with candles for a rustic approach, personalised welcome boards or hanging lanterns…let your imagination run free.

Ceremony here, but reception there – venue changes on wedding days are a personal pet peeve (unless of course it’s taken care of as part of the wedding day and guests are chauffeured to their next destination with no time delays and preferably in style. Like this ride for example, I wouldn’t have any complaints with this).

A venue that caters for both the ceremony and reception is the ideal, with of course no compromise on quality and Markovina delivers this with exceptionally high operating standards.

They work with you to bring your wedding day theme to life by taking care of the detail, which leaves you free to add your handmade ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Markovina provide

  • Venue hire and staff costs
  • Use of the beautiful gardens and chairs for your ceremony
  • Wedding buffet or wedding platters menu
  • Beverage package – wine, beer and non-alcoholic refreshments
  • Table linen, linen napkins, glassware, crockery
  • Use of our quality in-house music system, DJ lighting and fairy light curtain
  • Your choice of start time
  • And to give you absolute attention and the best service, Markovina operate only one wedding per day.

Table Settings

Handmade and hosted weddings are a perfect fit

With the practical aspects of your day covered, adding the handmade elements to your table settings is so much more stress-free and you can channel your creative juices freely…

Think personal ‘thank you’ notes to your guests to add a loving touch to your table setting.

Or creatively arranged centrepiece flowers using alternative methods like individual flowers in test-tube vases.

Or decorative, vibrant and theme matching wallpaper rolls as table runners, with the same wallpaper design applied to the back of fans, placed on the table setting as favours for your guests.

Let your own ideas of what a great wedding should be and what it should include – dictate your approach to table setting design.


Handmade and hosted weddings are a perfect fit

Whether you’re looking at floral arrangements to adorn the ceremony or reception areas, or bridal bouquets, there’s a handmade option out there just waiting for you.

Research inspirational and visual sites like Pinterest and Madefromscratch, however bear in mind, you may need to enlist the help of a florist for supply and professional advice.

County Blooms is a local company who have worked with a number of Markovina’s clients to help them pull together high quality and cost effective floral arrangements. As part of your handmade theme they can assist you with rose petals to adorn the aisle, table settings or entrance ways.

Church confetti also offers rose petals which are freeze dried and look and feel the same as their fresher counterparts.

Handmade and hosted weddings are a perfect fit

For your “handmade-hosted hybrid” wedding, be sure to choose a venue that works with your vision and not against it.

Look at your wedding day as your opportunity to express your love and devotion in a way that is visually expressive of your union and reflects your likes, loves and inspiration.

And by ‘your’, I mean yours AND your partners and if that means incorporating decorative fishing lures, sports themes or deer antlers, then so be it.

Armed with creativity, amazing reference material and the perfect location, the handmade bride can make any theme look wedding spectacular.

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