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Summer is the most popular wedding season here in New Zealand. It’s our holiday season and the time of clear blue skies and radiant sunshine. But while we love the idea of a summer wedding, we tend to forget about the heat that comes with it. That’s where we need to stop and remind ourselves of all the ways we can keep cool at a hot summer wedding.

While January to March are wonderful months for predictable weather, they are also the year’s hottest. And when you’re feeling a little nervous as well as wearing heavy wedding attire, the heat can be even more intense.

So how do we go about enjoying a hot summer wedding without crumbling under the heat? Here are our top five tips for staying cool.

5 easy tips for cooling off at a hot summer wedding

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The morning of your wedding day can be full on. But while you get ready to say your I do’s, it’s important that you sip water as often as you can. It can be easy to forget such a simple thing but it goes a long way in keeping you cool while the sun bears down on your back.

Water is essential for regulating your body’s internal temperature. It also replenishes any water you have lost through sweat. If you become dehydrated during a hot summer wedding, the consequences range anywhere from a dry mouth to heat stroke.

If you want things to go smoothly on your wedding day, drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated.

5 easy tips for cooling off at a hot summer wedding

Shelter is not just for the rain

With all the things we organise for a wedding, what’s a little marquee in the mix?

Remember, it’s not just you who’ll be feeling the heat, it’s your guests as well. Providing extra shade could be just what they need to feel comfortable at your wedding. For the most part, we all love a little sunshine, but some people are more affected by it than others. Particularly if you are expecting some older guests, providing shade at a hot summer wedding is an absolute necessity.

5 easy tips for cooling off at a hot summer wedding

Lather up

While it might not be appropriate to use the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ slogan here (unless you’re planning on wearing a hat and t-shirt to your wedding), it’s still very important to slop on that sunscreen.

Be sure to lather up before you head out into the sun. Don’t put sunscreen on too early or it won’t be as effective as you’re standing at the altar. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel the sting of sunburn while you’re trying to enjoy your wedding reception.

5 easy tips for cooling off at a hot summer wedding

Rethink your attire

Everyone dreams of a fairy tale wedding, but the heavy wedding attire that goes along with it is just not practical under the summer sun. When you’re deciding what to wear on your wedding day, the weather should be at the forefront of your mind.

The same way we wouldn’t wear a strapless dress in winter, we need to dress appropriately in summer. Fortunately we are lucky to live in a time where we don’t need to be so strict about wedding traditions and we have the ability to be comfortable on our wedding day. If you’re battling under the weight of your wedding attire while you’re at the altar, you’ll have a hard time enjoying yourself. With such a variety of fabrics and styles out there, there are plenty of ways around this.

5 easy tips for cooling off at a hot summer wedding

Provide cooling props for a hot summer wedding

For a hot summer wedding to go off without a hitch, you’ll need to factor in a few ‘cooling’ props. We see all sorts here at Markovina Vineyard Estate. From hand held fans to spritzer bottles, our wedding couples know how best to keep themselves and their guests cool.

Set up a cooling station for your guests to access during the ceremony. If there’s not quite enough shade, provide a barrel of sun umbrellas. And remember to offer plenty of water! Your cooling station should provide enough ‘props’ for all your guests. Some will use them, some won’t, but it’s essential that they’re there for the taking!

5 easy tips for cooling off at a hot summer wedding

We love summer here in New Zealand so it’s no wonder it’s the most popular wedding season. The warmth sticks around right though to April, so if you’re planning a wedding during this time, it’s vital you think of ways to keep cool in the heat.

Our extensive grounds offer plenty of shade and because we only host one wedding at a time, you have full access to the entire Estate. If it turns out to be a real scorcher on your wedding day, feel free to move your ceremony to any of the more shaded areas. We will keep the water flowing throughout the day to ensure everyone stays well hydrated.

Summer weddings are beautiful for so many reasons, but within your planning phase, factor in the warm weather as often as you can. Make it easy and book your wedding at Markovina Vineyard Estate where you’ll have an abundance of shade and a lovely cool breeze. Call us today.

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