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Before we begin putting the plans in place for our big day, we tend to have some idea of what we would like the day to look like. But with all the ideas available to us these day, getting consistency throughout your wedding ideas can be somewhat difficult.

Rather than becoming overwhelmed with decoration ideas, consider choosing a theme. Think of ways in which your theme can tie the day together and start planning from there.

The most popular wedding themes for 2016 have a way of heightening the romance and excitement of the day. Here are some we have chosen that would blend well with the beauty of Markovina Vineyard Estate.

The hottest wedding themes and ideas trending for 2016

Rustic bohemian

For those of us who are simply not cut out for a highly formal wedding, the bohemian theme is a perfect choice to keep things a little more casual.

The wonderful thing about bohemian weddings is that there is a rustic elegance to every element of the day. And although, like any wedding, it will have been planned down to the very last detail, the bohemian wedding has an air of effortlessness about it.

Creating the rustic vibe is easy at Markovina Vineyard Estate. With so much natural scenery, the bohemian theme is the perfect fit for a venue like this.

If you’re typically a more laid-back kind of person, a rustic-style wedding could be right up your alley.

The hottest wedding themes and ideas trending for 2016

Pretty in pastel

The candy colours on the pastel palette is a hot trend for 2016. From blush pink to powder blue, pastel colours add a touch of sweetness to any wedding.

Pastels are dreamy and surprisingly versatile. They go beautifully against sparkles and fairy lights, and the colour range is not limited to pinks and creams which is a common misconception.

Soft and fresh, pastels enhance the romantic feel of a wedding. Soft textures go beautifully with pastels, and small bursts of bold colours such as coral or apricot, help to create depth in floral arrangements and decorations.

A little bit of glitter or sequin here and there is lovely against pastel décor. Just be careful not to go overboard – let the pastels be at the forefront of your decorative theme.

The hottest wedding themes and ideas trending for 2016

Gardens and greenery

Greenery is not hard to come by at Markovina Vineyard Estate. The surrounding views of rolling hills, gardens and bush are the perfect back drop for a garden-inspired wedding.

Incorporating greenery and a garden feel has been a popular choice for many years, but now that we’re in 2016, it seems couples have really conquered this theme.

Naturally beautiful in its own right, greenery effortlessly adds to the lusciousness of wedding décor.

There is a striking simplicity about the contract of green against white. And for those on a budget, greenery is an inexpensive way to decorate, especially if you’re good with your hands and partial to a bit of DIY.

With a garden location available for ceremonies at Markovina, you won’t need to worry about consistency in your wedding theme. Your day will flow from ceremony to reception, keeping to your theme every step of the way.

The hottest wedding themes and ideas trending for 2016

Vintage elegance

We see the vintage theme pop up every year, however each year has a different take on this idea.

In 2016, lace, sequins and pearls are the go-to textures and adding dashes of metallic is proving to be a popular touch.

The old-fashioned elegance of the vintage theme is what makes it an ongoing favourite for wedding couples. Whether it’s sophistication you’re after, or you want some fun and creativity, the vintage theme is not limited in its styling options.

The word ‘vintage’ can mean different things to different people. But, all-in-all, it’s about bringing out the most tasteful aspects of a past era and incorporating these ideas in even the smallest details of the wedding décor.

The hottest wedding themes and ideas trending for 2016

Once upon a time…

Choosing the fairytale theme will turn any wedding into a whimsical wonderland.

Weddings of 2016 use the term ‘fairytale’ rather loosely, so don’t go thinking you have to turn up in a pumpkin-style coach wearing glass slippers (unless you want to!). It generally means that if your wedding has a magical feel to it, it’ll be like ‘something out of a fairytale’.

So go for gold, make your wedding the most magical it can be and give it the fairytale vibe it deserves. There really are no limitations with this theme.

Decorative features such as hanging fairy lights, petal-laden table tops, classic rose centrepieces and extravagant candle holders will turn your reception space into an enchanted fairyland.

The hottest wedding themes and ideas trending for 2016

Markovina Vineyard Estate has the space and facilities to achieve whatever theme you desire. With five ceremony locations to choose from and indoor and outdoor reception options, you can let your imagination run wild with your decorative ideas.

These popular decorative themes for 2016 offer some guidelines to base the elements of your day around and give consistency to your planning.

Contact the team at Markovina Vineyard Estate and start building on your wedding ideas. Markovina gives you plenty to work with and the team are happy to help you along the way.

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