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We don’t get many opportunities in life when we can be picky about the presents we’re given. But when it comes to wedding presents, in many cases it’s easier on everyone if the bride and groom give some indication of what they would like to receive.

Wedding presents have become an unspoken obligation for guests. These are more than just gifts. They’re a way of showing thanks to the wedding couple for including them in their special day. They’re also a way of showing how much the couple means to them. Above all, guests want to leave the couple with something to represent the beginning of their marriage journey.

With this in mind, asking for gifts doesn’t seem so taboo. However, it all comes down to the way you approach the subject.

Here’s how to be polite and be tactful when it comes to asking for wedding presents.

Wedding presents   what to choose and how to ask

Cash, registry or gift – what to choose?

First things first, if you have particular wedding presents in mind, discuss this as a couple before you go advising guests. You don’t want your guests to receive mixed information. You also don’t want them to think you’re expectations are too high.


Nowadays, many wedding couples opt for cash if they have a choice in the matter. This gives them the freedom to put the money towards their future or to simply help with the honeymoon. Cash is the easiest option for both parties however some guests prefer to give gifts as they can seem more personal. You need to prepare for both scenarios as your guests are the ones who, ultimately, have the last say.


For the guests who’d rather give a gift, make it easy on them and let them know what it is you need. Household items are always handy for newlyweds setting up their home. By steering your guests in the right direction, you won’t end up with multiple crock-pots and salad servers. You don’t want to receive double-ups as much as your guests don’t want to waste their money.


If you’re thinking of setting up a gift registry, your options are far greater than what they used to be.

We are no longer limited to home ware stores (although gift registries here are still very popular), we now have the option to think outside the square. Travel and cruise agents now have registry facilities that your guests can deposit money into. You are able to see who the money has come from which makes it much easier to send out those important thank you cards!

Wedding presents   what to choose and how to ask

How to ask for wedding presents the right way

Asking for wedding presents can seem inappropriate but, if done the right way, it won’t seem like that at all. It’s likely that your guests will have attended other weddings, so they know how it works. Even so, you need to stay grounded and remember that the gifts are not what the day is all about.

An easy way to politely ask for wedding presents is to include a note in the invitation. The key is to be non-presumptuous in your tone. Make it clear that you are suggesting not expecting.

Here is a good example of how to say you’d prefer a cash gift.

Your presence is present enough,
but if you would like to give a gift,
cash gifts would be greatly appreciated.

If you don’t have a natural way with words, a quick search online will give you some great ideas. Many are in the form of a poem which add a touch of sweetness to your request.

Wedding presents   what to choose and how to ask

Above all, say thank you

Never underestimate the importance of a thank you card.

The necessity of thank you cards is questioned a lot these days, but saying thank you to your guests should all be part of the wedding process. It might seem like a daunting task but it really doesn’t take long to write a quick thank you.

Wedding presents should all be acknowledged regardless of how big or small or how much you like it. But don’t reserve your gratitude just for those who have given gifts. You will no doubt have several guests who have had to travel to attend your wedding. Thank you cards should acknowledge these people too.

Your guests are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. They are there to witness you get married. And whilst they most probably won’t come empty-handed, it shouldn’t matter if they do. We see first-hand how happy wedding couples are to see their nearest and dearest attend their wedding.

It’s one of our favourite parts about hosting weddings here at Markovina Vineyard Estate.

Wedding presents   what to choose and how to ask

If you haven’t yet had the chat about wedding presents, sit down together and see how you can incorporate a few suggestions into your wedding invitations. Remember, it’s perfectly ok to ask as long as you go about it the right way.

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