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As the groom and guests eagerly await the arrival of the bride, it’s important that they are all kept as comfortable as possible. If they feel as though they’re melting under the summer sun, they’re just going to want the ceremony to hurry up and be over with!

Planning a summer wedding requires a fair bit of common sense and consideration for others. If you are going above and beyond to be comfortable in the heat, you need to do the same for your guests.

The weather is something we can’t control, but if there happens to be sweltering temperatures on your wedding day, here are some ideas on how to keep your cool.

How to keep your cool at a hot summer wedding

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

You, your guests and even your flowers will need all the H20 you can get on a hot wedding day.

The Bride and Groom: your tummy might be full of butterflies and you might not feel hungry, but it is absolutely imperative that you sip plenty of water while getting ready to tie the knot. On a hot summer’s day, dehydration can set in quickly and can cause a whole range of problems. The last thing you want is to feel faint, or experiencing a headache while standing at the altar.

Your guests: from the moment your guests arrive they should be offered refreshments. Keep these non-alcoholic in order to provide the right kind of hydration. Of course many will want a champagne at some stage during the day, but it’s your responsibility to make sure there are plenty of sensible options as well.

Your flowers: from the Bride’s bouquet to the Groom’s boutonniere, flowers need to be treated carefully in hot temperatures. Flowers need as much, if not more water as we do, to prevent them drooping. The trick is to store them in water and keep them in a cool place (even the fridge) until the moment you set foot out the door.

How to keep your cool at a hot summer wedding

Shade will be everyone’s best friend

Being outdoors is one of the best things about summer time and outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful to enjoy.

Having a wedding outdoors means we can make the most of the spectacular scenery that comes with the summer season. The clear blue skies and summer flowers add natural elements to wedding décor.

However, being outside also means you’re exposed to the conditions. The one thing that will give you the relief you need is shade.

At Markovina Vineyard Estate, shade is in abundance.

We have five ceremony locations to choose from, which gives you the option of as much shade as you like. Depending on how you’d like to have you ceremony set up, the team at Markovina are happy to advise how to optimise the natural shade on offer.

How to keep your cool at a hot summer wedding

Go for light fabrics

For both the bridal party and the guests, wearing a light fabric will be one of the best things you can do to combat the heat on your wedding day.

You may have always wanted that princess-style wedding gown, but with all that fabric comes an extra weight that may just not be practical in the peak of summer. Try to find ways to achieve a similar look without having to wear metres of heavy silk.

Suit jackets are often made of wool and can heighten your discomfort in the heat. We are seeing more and more Grooms do away with the jacket altogether. If you’re hoping to go down the more traditional path, simply remove the jacket whenever possible to get relief from the hot weather.

How to keep your cool at a hot summer wedding

Try not to leave your guests waiting

Brides, it’s ok to be fashionably late, but let’s not overdo it. 10-15 minutes is a good rule of thumb when deciding how late to arrive at your ceremony. We know it’s tradition for the bride to arrive a little bit late but in the peak of summer, you don’t want to keep your guests waiting too long.

It’s likely that your guests will expect the Bride to arrive later than the stated time on their invitation and they will be happy to mingle for a short time.

But if you keep them waiting under a hot sun too long, your guests may start to feel agitated which is not a great way to kick off the day.

How to keep your cool at a hot summer wedding

Create a swelter survival kit for your guests and bridal party

A stash of body water, wipes, face blotters, deodorant and sunscreen can be placed in the bathrooms to offer your guests, to keep them cool and comfortable and avoid overheating.

Let them know that these are available so they don’t find out by chance later in the evening when it’s too late and the sun’s gone away.

Provide a personal kit for your bridal party and keep this somewhere that’s easily accessible to them, so they can utilise the kit whenever they need to.

How to keep your cool at a hot summer wedding

Summer weddings are the most popular choice at Markovina Vineyard Estate and we have the experience to offer you, all kinds of ways to stay cool in the heat.

When the right measures are in place, it’s easy for everyone to find relief from hot temperatures and have a great time at a summer wedding.

If you are looking at planning a summer wedding, give the team at Markovina a call.

We can take you through the ceremony locations and show you the ways in which we can assist you in keeping cool at your wedding.

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