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The Simpsons based a full episode around the medieval theme and the movie Cable Guy saw the character of Steven (Matthew Broderick) engage his buddy-nemesis, Chip (Jim Carrey) in a surprise jousting competition at “Medieval Nights”.

At Markovina we are not into surprise jousting contests that have an edge of seriousness, “Come forth so that I may club thee”. We are made of more gentle things “come forth so that we may entertain thee”.

Markovina Medieval Feasts for Christmas parties

With excellent food, drinks and music our Medieval feast is the unique option for your next corporate or personal event.

Christmas Season dates for booking medieval feast

The popularity of our medieval theme saw it sell out in the 2013 Christmas season and we have released our Christmas 2014 season dates which run from Thursday 20th November to Saturday 22nd November 2014.

Medieval feasts are pre-set so there are no additional or hidden costs and even better than that, our Christmas party package includes entertainment from live actors, sword fighting, dancing, costumes for all guests (if required) and interactive competitions (no jousting death battles, we promise).

Markovina Medieval Feasts for Christmas parties

We can also provide your guests with all in one transport that can be added to your package for as little as $325+gst (for transport for groups of 30 or more).

For a staff Christmas event it’s an ideal add on option – a single pre-arranged pick up and drop off point that gives your guests some extra security and possibly reduced taxi fares. Trust me after a belly full of hearty medieval fare and joyful ales; they will be grateful that you went the extra mile.

When looking for a corporate event or venue, choices are often based around cost, food options, convenience and importantly, enjoyment factor.

So let’s break it down and see how Medieval feasts stacks up:

Markovina Medieval Feasts for Christmas parties


At medieval feasts there are no additional venue costs, no set-up costs and no hiring fees for props. It’s all quite simple because we are embracing the medieval way, are we not? Although we do draw the line at barter payment requests.

Medieval feasts are based on a per person cost and that factors in food, drinks, live entertainment and props/costumes. On a cost basis we are hard to beat and our sell-out 2013 season is testament to that.

Food and drinks

At Markovina we pride ourselves on delivering quality food with a wide selection so we can cater for multiple tastes and dietary concerns.

Our Christmas menu includes seasonal vegetables, salads and roast meats befitting of the festive season and the all time favorites of chicken and beef are there, so too are indulgent king prawns.

Markovina Medieval Feasts for Christmas parties

And to wet thee whistle, we have a selection of some of the finest wines from: Matua Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Lindauer for bubbles and a selection of bottled beers to satisfy all.


The Medieval venue is pre-themed, so no set up costs or set up times to factor in. When selecting and researching venue options you will no doubt come across venue hire fees, which at some businesses can be waived if your bar tab is set at a pre-determined level.

At Markovina we do not impose such demands, like you, we want everything to be pre-set and pre-approved so that tallies become a thing of the past.


Who is not going to love a Medieval theme. And not just any old Medieval set-up, we’re talking actors, dancing, sword fights, costumes and audience participation, all the makings of a historic and fun-filled night out.

So why not learn from the past and avoid the disappointment of another booked out season, and instead “come hither and reserve thy space now.”

The Medieval time warp is open for a limited time only:

from Thursday 20th November to Saturday 22nd November 2014

So call us now and get your booking confirmed and give yourself some time to brush up on your Medieval speak.

“Come forth so that we may entertain thee”.

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