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We are all so voyeuristic these days that getting to see what others do on a daily basis is not a strange concept. Today it is acceptable to “need to know” what others get up to. It is almost our right as citizens in a cyber world. So fret not, let us accommodate you and give you a glimpse into the ‘behind the scenes world’ of Markovina.

Every wedding we host is unique – a unique bride, groom, families, friends and requirements. So giving you a satisfyingly accurate picture of an event is tricky. Solution, break it down.

Prep, prep and more prep

Refreshments always need to be ready and waiting as soon as quests begin to arrive.

Sound system needs to be checked and ready for ceremony.

And of course our brides do not sit on naked chairs – pillow prep for the register signing is an important step in the process and a must do. No marks to bridal gowns will ever occur here.

Pop a bottle – time to celebrate

How Markovina plan the perfect Auckland wedding reception

We always prepare enough champagne flutes and open enough champagne to cater for all the guests. Because after the ceremony, it is of course time to celebrate and toast the new couple.

We serve Champagne to the guests and then straight inside for the entree platters to be served.

Did I mention prep

Prepare the buffet room for dinner, food signs, table cloths, table arrangements, candles, lighting, fill the bain-maries with hot water… the list goes on.

Nobody goes parched

Refreshments for all tables – prepare enough jugs of water, juice and bubbly for each table.

Just before dinner we bring in the outside bar and begin the food service which in buffet terms requires fast delivery from the kitchen into correctly assigned and labelled bays – no one wants to head for the chicken only to find an array of vegetables.

How Markovina plan the perfect Auckland wedding reception

During Dinner and as is the custom with buffet dinning, each table is invited one by one and during this time staff are allocated a job.

Man the buffett – modus operandi – food doesn’t run out

Drinks – ensuring plentiful liquids

Table Serivce – keeping tables clutter free, clearing dishes

Respite from the floor

Once speeches begin this is usually when the staff get to sit down for their own dinner, take a breather and prepare for the next leg.

After speeches the cake is usually cut and dessert laid out ready for the evening to flow into the next stage.

Clean and clear

During and after dessert there is the constant job of clearing glasses and empty dessert bowls right down to things like the salt and pepper from tables and that theme continues for the rest of the night.

From here it is all about keeping it clean by constantly clearing dishes and glasses, cleaning the kitchen, keeping the restrooms clean and also help on the bar and tidy the back area of the venue.

Off they go to live happily ever after

Once the guests leave, after having a thoroughly enjoyable and fully catered to evening our staff clear all tables, remove and launder all chair covers, stack and remove chairs, tables and clean/waterblast the floor.

As with any event people always leave something behind, but also some brides decorate the venue and tables with their own personal touches, for that reason we factor into our clean-up time a dividing of Markovina property from the bride and grooms property, collated and put aside for collection the next day.

Once the floors are clean and dry staff get back into prep mode and begin the set-up process again for the next evening’s event and begin to lay the Bridal table, ensuring all the finishing touches are complete.

How Markovina plan the perfect Auckland wedding reception

All that and smiles left to spare

Our team are all about team work and getting in and getting the job done. They are most definitely not afraid of hard work, long and evening hours. We have a culture of care and pride in what we do and that translates from how our staff work together to achieve a seamless event, right through to their willingness and passion to do it all again.

How do they keep smiling after these long hours, constantly on their feet and on the go.

Well, a full tummy of yummy food helps, but even greater than that is their own passion and interest in events and weddings in particular. After all, who wouldn’t come out smiling after being at a great wedding? And who wouldn’t come out smiling after being the one who delivered that great wedding?

How Markovina plan the perfect Auckland wedding reception

The staff at Markovina pride themselves on delivering a seamless event so why not see them in action for yourself.

If you are evaluating venue options for your coming nuptials, definitely put Markovina in the running. Once you call in, take a look at the grounds, venue and meet the staff you’ll be beyond keen to have us at the helm of your dream day.

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