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As with most elements of wedding planning, creating invitations comes with its own set of FAQs and couples can often be left baffled by the process. When to send them, how to word them and when to set RSVP deadlines are just some of the long list of invitation questions for the common over-thinker.

We all want to get it right though, don’t we?

After all, once the invitations are gone, that’s it!

If you have forgotten to include an important detail, it’s not exactly light work letting your guests know one by one.

Aside from their design (which is totally up to you), there are some pretty hard and fast rules regarding wedding invitations. This is bound to make things a little easier. At least it’s one thing can come with a ‘How To’ guide in the unique world of wedding planning.

We have tackled the hard stuff for you, so read on to have those niggling questions answered.

How to master the etiquette of wedding invitations

When do invitations go out

Invitations typically go out eight to 12 weeks in advance. This gives plenty of time for guests to make travel arrangements and book accommodation.

Many couples choose to send out a Save the Date card, particularly for destination weddings, or if they know there will be a large number of guests travelling from out of town or overseas. Sending a Save the Date card allows your guests to plan well in advance just by knowing the date they’ll need to travel.

How to master the etiquette of wedding invitations

When to make the RSVP deadlines

Even the most laid-back couple will be itching to know how many guests plan to attend their wedding. Not only is it exciting to know who’s coming, it’s a practicality that impacts so many elements on the day.

Guest numbers will determine your ceremony seating, table setting and catering – to name just a few. So, rule of thumb suggests making your RSVP deadline three weeks prior to the wedding day. This gives plenty of time to finalise your catering and seating arrangements.

How to master the etiquette of wedding invitations

10% of your guests maybe be unable to attend

Unless you have an unbelievable stroke of luck, sending 90 invites doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have 90 guests. You need to make allowances for the fact that at least 10% of your guests won’t make it.

It’s nothing personal, they don’t want to miss it. But personal circumstances can often mean people simply can’t be there.

You might already have an idea of those who are unlikely to come. Perhaps they’re elderly, expecting a baby or live on the other side of the world. Whatever the reason, just accept declined invitations as they come.

It’s fairly safe to invite slightly more than your venue allows. ‘Slightly’ being the key word here. Don’t go overboard, just a safe amount to fill the gap of small number who may politely decline.

How to master the etiquette of wedding invitations

How do I word my invitations?

Although your wedding invitations are largely made up of details such as who, where and when, there are some areas such as information on presents and wedding registries that should be treated with care.

It’s important to set a friendly and modest tone if you’re planning on going into gift-giving territory on your invitations.

If you have a way with words, this might come easy to you. If not, have someone craft a poem which offers sweet suggestions without seeming too presumptuous.

And who doesn’t love a clever limerick?

If you’d like to kindly ask your guests not to bring their children, this too needs to be done with a certain level of tact.

Just putting “no kids” on your invitation can come across cold and somewhat offensive. Make light of it and suggest a babysitting service, or ask them to let their hair down just for one night.

How to master the etiquette of wedding invitations

Have you got everything covered?

Taking out the number one spot is the all-important question: have you said all you need to say? This is a broad question and encompasses a whole range of information.

The easiest way to ensure you haven’t missed anything vital is to create a checklist before you begin writing your invitations. No two wedding invitations are the same, so mull over it for a few days and make sure it’s all there before going to the printers.

How to master the etiquette of wedding invitations

Planning a wedding is exciting and fun but requires a lot of time and organisation. Treat your wedding invitations as they deserve with time and thought, like a precious piece of the planning process..

Feeling overwhelmed?

The team at Markovina Vineyard Estate have extensive knowledge in the world of weddings and wedding planning. If you have a wedding coming up at the Estate and want some friendly advice, the staff are only too happy to help.

If you haven’t yet booked a venue, call Markovina today and arrange a visit.

Once you fall in love with the venue, book a date and tick another wedding task off your to-do list.

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