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We’re almost slap-bang in the middle of winter. There really couldn’t be a better time for a mid-winter Christmas event so get in the spirit and start planning!

Winter in the workplace can often be associated with a day-to-day slog.

The shorter daylight hours and cooler weather are not ideal socialising conditions and has most of us are in our PJs by 7pm.

Mid-winter events give everyone a reason to dress up (not down) after a work day and enjoy a night out. And winter is the time of year when we need it most.

Mid-winter events give workplaces a chance to break up any monotony they might be feeling during the cold season. We often find that employees are more excited to attend workplace parties in the winter than at the end of the year.

There’s still plenty of time to plan a mid-winter Christmas event with several months to go before the Christmas party.

A mid winter Christmas event takes care of your staffs winter blues

Mingle by the fire on a cold winter’s night

We have undergone a number of significant renovations over the last few years which has made our venue perfect for all seasons.

We have now completely covered our courtyard and installed large sliding doors. So while you’re all cosy inside, you’ll still be able to take in our amazing outdoor scenery.

Nothing screams ‘comfort’ like a fireplace in winter. Our stone fireplace will provide the perfect setting for you and your staff to mingle and enjoy a few drinks. This is also a great area to relax in before or after your meal.

A mid winter Christmas event takes care of your staffs winter blues

Enjoy great food under a canopy of vines

Our evergreen canopy of vines is within our main function room. This is a beautiful spot for mid-winter events as it gives you the sense of being outdoors while inside a temperature-controlled room.

But if there is to be a true hero of your evening, it’ll be the food.

Our food at Markovina is the most important aspect of an event. Each package includes:

Mingling and nibbles – on arrival, guests will be greeted with a selection of beverages including juice, water, wine and beer. Our staff will also offer fresh canapes as you unwind with your colleagues and make yourself at home at Markovina.

The main meal – depending on your style of mid-winter event, you have the choice from a buffet, platters at the table or al a carte dining.

Sweets, coffee and cheese – guests with a sweet tooth will love what’s on offer at the end of the main meal. A buffet of individual treats, fresh fruit and cheese selection will leave guests truly satisfied.

Beverages – most of our event packages include a beverage selection. This can include beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the evening.

Add a mid-winter Christmas event flair

There is just too long a wait between Christmases. Seeing as we all love it so much, why not throw an extra Christmas party? Mid-winter Christmas parties are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces and are just the thing staff need for a boost of enthusiasm to lift them up through the winter season – they will certainly thank you and your workplace will be a happier one.

Seeing as our Christmases consist of BBQs and jandals, why not pretend you’re having Christmas in a winter wonderland once in a while?

Mid-winter Christmas parties give us a chance to experience what we see in the movies. Winter clothing, mulled wine, ginger bread, escaping the cold. And whilst we can’t promise you snow, we can promise that your woollen Christmas sweater will finally get to see the light of day.

A mid winter Christmas event takes care of your staffs winter blues

Finish the night on the dance floor

When you book a corporate package with us, we throw in a DJ for good measure. If you opt to go with one of our exclusive events, which are great during the quiet winter months, you can choose to hire a band.

Whoever is providing the soundtrack, the dance floor at Markovina always fills quickly.

There seems to be something unique about a dance floor to bring out the fun in people. All those people you see in the office day after day really come out of their shell. You’ll see a whole new side of your colleagues as they cut their shapes and bust their moves.

For those who would rather take a seat, the fire will still be ablaze for you to relax and enjoy a quiet conversation.

A mid winter Christmas event takes care of your staffs winter blues

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, workplace parties do wonders for staff morale.

A mid-winter Christmas event gives your staff the opportunity to mingle outside the workplace in a relaxed environment.

Book your mid-winter event while we’re still in the thick of the colder months. Call us today.

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