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Minimalism has become a developing trend in many areas of our lives. From the way we eat to the way we live, many of us are ‘cutting back’ and choosing to enjoy life’s small pleasures. When it comes to wedding planning, these days, a little goes a long way. For that reason, we thought now is a good time to put out our top minimalist wedding ideas.

Minimalism pounced onto the scene a few years ago when the new way of living helped us declutter our homes and thus, our minds. Enter Marie Kondo and many of us are now only living among the few things that truly ‘spark joy’.

As this trend has become increasingly widespread, it has also entered the world of weddings. If you’re a minimalist at heart, check out these minimalist wedding ideas and see if they resonant with you.

Minimalist wedding ideas that prove less is more

Minimise on décor, maximise on nature

Sometimes all it takes is to look around and see the beauty at our fingertips. For outdoor ceremonies, there’s not a lot you need to do to create the perfect backdrop for your vows. It’s already there.

Nature is abundant here at Markovina Vineyard Estate and we respect the natural beauty of our grounds. Nature perfectly decorates each of our outdoor ceremony locations. Chestnut trees, kauri trees, ponds and greenery – our outdoor ceremony locations require no additional decoration, nature is taken care of it.

Our venue is ideal for couples who are looking for minimalist wedding ideas and hope to cut back on decorative features.

In wedding attire, less is more

As Coco Chanel once said, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

For minimalist couples, wedding attire will be one of the main areas to keep things simple and take on a less-is-more approach.

Simplicity in wedding attire means you can let fabrics speak for themselves. Opting for more refined fabrics means you can create wedding attire that perfectly suits a more simple design.

With simple wedding attire, you’re able to showcase what’s truly important on your wedding day. It’s not the dress you’re wearing or the suit you had designed, it’s you.

Small floral details have a big impact

Floral arrangements are a key aspect of a wedding and add so much creativity to wedding décor. In minimalist weddings, flowers are used in all sorts of creative ways to keep them included but cut back on quantity.

Many couples are choosing to use more greenery and fewer florals in their arrangements, further adding to the natural feel and keeping flowers to a minimum.

Even the use of single blooms can make a big statement. Large single blooms among lush greenery are a stunning minimalist touch to wedding table arrangements.

It’s here that we can get really creative and think outside the square. If you’re no stranger to drying flowers, consider including dried stems to your floral décor. Dried flowers retain their colour and develop a new, rustic structure. Hung in rows, added to tables, placed on table settings – dried stems are a minimal yet effective addition to your wedding décor.

Dabble in the DIY

These days we can find anything we need for some good DIY wedding decor. For many minimalist couples, DIY is a critical part of their wedding planning process. DIY can be a simple and cost-effective way to decorate your wedding.

DIY is often about bringing those hefty wedding costs down and showcasing your creative talents. It also enables us to let out creative streaks shine while still maintaining the elegance of simplicity.

Couples who head down the DIY route are often those who want to create a wedding that’s truly their own. There’s nothing quite like including your own creations to highlight your individual personalities and bring your vision of a minimalist wedding to life.

Minimalist wedding ideas that prove less is more

When it comes to minimalist weddings, couples need to adopt the less is more approach in most areas of the planning process. If you’re a minimalist at heart, keeping things simple on your wedding day will be an easy task for you.

We see all kinds of weddings here at Markovina Vineyard Estate. From the all-out glam to the simple and understated, our space provides the ideal background for weddings of all styles.

Nature really does speak for itself here which is something we know minimalist couples will be looking out for on their hunt for the perfect venue. As soon as you set foot on Markovina Vineyard Estate, you’ll see how we have created our venue in a way that showcases the surrounding natural beauty of the location.

Minimalist weddings are all about keeping things simple and our all-inclusive venue allows you to do just that. We provide a full food and beverage menu and can decorate your wedding on your behalf. Simply let us know what style you’re going for and we will take your guidance on board.

We know what a big occasion a wedding is and we make it a priority to treat every wedding with individuality. This is your special day and we want to make sure it’s the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

A wedding a Markovina will be a treasured memory. Call us today to book a time to come and meet us. We’d love to show you around.

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