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It’s the night before your wedding and you’re main concern right now, is getting more sleep before your wedding day and catching up on all the late nights you have had making sure the day is perfect. All the anticipation that has built up during those hours of wedding planning have led to this moment. As your mind races through a mix of excitement and fear, you wonder if you’re ever going to sleep again.

It is possible. You will sleep again. You just might need to take a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re in a calm state when bed time arrives.

We know winding down is easier said than done. But it helps to realise that there is nothing more you can do to create the perfect wedding day. Now is your time to take a few deep breaths and be confident in your planning. After all, whatever happens from now on is out of your control.

This is the moment you have worked so hard for and now you can focus of getting more sleep before your wedding day.

If you’re wedding day is just around the corner, you might be starting to worry about the night before and how you’re going to relax. These five tips will help you certainly help you in getting more sleep the night before your wedding day.

5 secrets to getting more sleep before your wedding day

Create a sleep schedule

About two to three weeks before your wedding, start to create a healthy sleep routine. Simply put, you choose a time you want to go to bed and a time you want to wake up. If you stick to this every day you will create a cycle that your body is used to.

Our bodies love routine, especially when it involves getting adequate rest. If you have developed a healthy sleep pattern early enough, you will find it much easier to fall asleep early and sleep through the night.

This tip is particularly effective for those who are affected by poor sleeping habits. Often a big event can inhibit your chances of a good night’s sleep purely due to the anticipation. Your wedding is not just a big event, it’s the biggest event! So working on your sleep habits early will definitely steer you in the right direction for a great sleep.

5 secrets to getting more sleep before your wedding day

Cool it on the caffeine

This is a great tip for a number of reasons, however it’s not hard to see why it’ll help you get more sleep night before your wedding day.

Isn’t caffeine an incredible thing? If we wake up feeling groggy, we have a coffee and suddenly we’re a box of birds! But the more you drink, the more you need. And drinking copious amounts of caffeine before your wedding may just send that anxiety through the roof.

We’re not saying you have to ditch it completely (we know how helpful a coffee is in the morning!), but keep it to one cup a day. Have your coffee fix in the morning and stay away from the caffeine from midday onward.

If you think it’s just coffee that will wind you up, think again! Teas, sodas and some chocolates also have high levels of caffeine and should also be avoided in the afternoon.

Stick to water and you’ll be catching all the Zs the night before your wedding.

5 secrets to getting more sleep before your wedding day

Put the technology away

There shouldn’t be any reason to be hooked to your phone or tablet the night before your wedding. There’s nothing more to organise so put the technology away before it wreaks havoc on your ability to sleep.

Believe it or not, there is a scientific explanation as to why this tip is so important. The blue light on our smart phone and tablet screens actually stimulate the brain. Our brain recognises the blue light as a daytime signal and thus affecting our circadian rhythm.

Also, by engaging in texts, emails and social media at bed time, we can suddenly jolt ourselves out of sleepiness and into full wakefulness. It takes time to switch modes so put the phone down and focus on sleep mode.

5 secrets to getting more sleep before your wedding day

Pound the pavement

There’s no need for a HIIT workout or an intense weightlifting session, sometimes all we need is a brisk walk or light job. Whether you exercise regularly or it’s not normally your thing, find 30 minutes to be active during the day and reap the drowsy benefits later.

Stress and sleep go hand in hand. The more stressed you are, the less sleep you’ll get and the less sleep you get the more stressed you’ll be. It can become a vicious cycle if you have nothing in place to work on it.

Because exercise is an amazing stress reliever, it also works as an amazing sleep inducer. Get out and pound the pavement and get your beauty sleep.

5 secrets to getting more sleep before your wedding day

Wind down and prepare for more sleep before your wedding day

Much like creating a healthy sleep routine, you should also work to create a wind down routine a couple of weeks before your wedding.

As early as an hour before bed time, do the same set of wind down activities every night. Read a book, meditate, do some breathing exercises, enjoy a chamomile tea, dim the lights – whatever it is that helps you wind down, do it every day during the lead up to your wedding.

The reason for doing this for a period of time before your wedding is to form a healthy habit. A couple of weeks of a good wind down routine will mean your body knows what to expect when it comes to getting more sleep before your wedding day.

5 secrets to getting more sleep before your wedding day

Here at Markovina we meet all kinds of wedding couples from the cool, calm and collected to the frazzled and stressed.

Whatever your nature, we are here to help. We have hosted hundreds of weddings and we know how to plan a great wedding right down the finest detail.

Just like you, we want you to feel your best on the big day and this begins with you getting more sleep before your wedding day. If there’s anything troubling you or you’d just like to go over things with a fine toothed comb, we are only a phone call away.

For a stunning venue run by a supportive team, Markovina Vineyard Estate is the perfect place to hold your wedding. Call us today and make a time to check it out, we’d love to see you.

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