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The idea for this post came about when I received a call out of the blue asking if we catered for groups other than weddings and corporates, and I have to say it was a resounding ‘yes’.

It’s true, our venue is one of the best you will find in Auckland for weddings and corporate events such as seminars, team building and the end of year Christmas party to name a few, but we also love to share our beautiful piece of the world with anyone who wants to join us. Our glorious Vineyard Estate is the perfect place for meetup groups in Auckland to join together and have fun.

Meeting new people can be a challenge

The perfect venue for meetup groups in Auckland

With around one and a half million people living in Auckland, you would think that meeting new like-minded people would be a cinch, but this is not always the case.

Most of us seem to mainly socialise within our circle of family and friends. Of course being around people we know well, where there is familiarity and we feel we can be ourselves, is quite natural.

That being said, I think most of us also like to meet new people which is certainly something we enjoy doing on a daily basis here at Markovina. But I know for some, venturing out on your own to meet new people can be challenging and a little intimidating.

How do you meet new people in Auckland?

The perfect venue for meetup groups in Auckland

So here you are in Auckland, you’re on your own and you’re wondering how you can meet some new people and perhaps make some new friends.

Like many of the major cities around the world, Auckland is made up of people from different races and cultures with all sorts of diverse interests and tastes. You only need to cruise down Dominion Road to see evidence of this with the wonderful array of multi-cultural cuisine on offer.

Not to mention the bustling Auckland Markets. Being able to source fresh local produce for our restaurant and events here at Markovina is a real pleasure for us.

Of course, you will always find multitudes of people eating out and meandering through the markets but for most of us, our only connection with these people is a cursory nod and a smile.

So, what else can you do to meet like-minded people who can join you on such excursions?

Meet up with like-minded people

The perfect venue for meetup groups in Auckland

Have you ever thought of joining a meetup group?

There are so many meetup groups in Auckland you’d be hard-pressed not to find one to suit your personal tastes, and because the majority of us are multi-faceted, you can join as many groups as you want until you find the people you connect with the most.

It’s all about having common interests and doing things which you genuinely enjoy and meeting people with the same interests at different venues around Auckland.

Sometimes it might be a meetup at a sporting event, a local pub, or at one of Auckland’s many cafes. Or it could be for lunch at a vineyard, or perhaps a wine trail might be more to your liking.

It really doesn’t matter what age you are – young, old or in between – there are meetups in Auckland for practically every interest you can think of.

Meet up with us

The perfect venue for meetup groups in Auckland

Whatever you enjoy – that’s the real beauty of joining a meetup group. Auckland has a lot to offer and at Markovina we have many years of experience at making people feel welcome.

We can customise package deals to suit any group, any budget and any theme if that’s what you want: this is what we’re all about – meeting new people, catering to their different needs and ensuring everyone has a great time.

So give it a try – go out there and join a meetup group then come and meet up with us for lunch or dinner. We look forward to seeing you here with all your new found friends. We are, without doubt, the perfect place for meetup groups in Auckland

And, if you want the safest and most fun form of travel to get you here, try our Party Bus which can also take you on a wine trail to remember – but that’s a story for another day.

The perfect venue for meetup groups in Auckland

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