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The glitz and glamour of large weddings is not everyone’s cup of tea. For some people, their fairy tale wedding dreams come in small, simple packages. It’s these couples who hope to share their special day with those closest to them in a more intimate setting. If you fit this category, here are some simple wedding ideas to help you to create the wedding you’ve always hoped for.

Avoid the guest list overflow

It’s been said time and time again but the wedding guest list is one of the most important elements of a wedding day.

Large weddings are lots of fun but if you’re opting for an intimate wedding, you’ve got to avoid the dreaded guest-list overflow. Once you’ve selected the family members to invite, allow for a small number of your very close friends.

A small wedding is typically 50 people or less so don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall into the overflow trap. Just keep a clear vision of what you want for your wedding day and this will help keep numbers down.

Culling guests may seem like a brutal exercise, but even if your maximum guest number was 150, we guarantee there’d still be an overflow!

No matter what size guest list you plan to have, there is always a process of moving guests to a ‘plan-B’ list or removing them from the guest list altogether.

If you’re worried about upsetting people, simply let them know that your wedding is for close family and friends. To be invited to a wedding is a privilege and most people understand this.

Simple wedding ideas for a small and intimate wedding

Intimate ceremony brings simple wedding ideas to life

An intimate wedding requires an intimate venue. You want a venue that will heighten the romance of your wedding day and allow your guests to enjoy a small, comfortable environment.

Your wedding ceremony is where the magic happens. It’s where you officially become a married couple. For this reason, we offer five different ceremony options here at Markovina Vineyard Estate.

Each of our ceremony locations come with their own unique qualities and all five can be set up to suit a small, intimate wedding.

Chestnut Tree

Surrounded by vines and trees, our large Chestnut Tree is the perfect backdrop as you say “I do. The Chestnut Tree has leaves from November to June, making it a stunning ceremony location for most of the year.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is a popular ceremony location for smaller weddings as it is surrounded by manicured gardens and sheltered by large trees. Overlook the pond as you recite your vows in front of your nearest and dearest family and friends.

Covered Courtyard

Throughout the year, the Covered Courtyard is a beautiful ceremony location for weddings large and small. With a stone fireplace as your backdrop, an intimate vibe is easily created here. The Covered Courtyard location is an easy option if you have any concerns about the weather.

Two Kauri Trees

Our resident Kauri Trees provide a natural, unique backdrop to your wedding ceremony. This location can be transformed into a small, intimate setting quite easily and will be remembered for its beauty and greenery.

Wine Barrel Waterfall

Seat your guests amongst our olive trees and enjoy a serene ceremony in front of our Barrel Waterfall. With ample shade from the trees, this is a delightful, breezy ceremony location, especially on hot, sunny days.

Stick to a smaller budget

Smaller is not necessarily synonymous with simpler but sticking to a smaller budget will keep you from being lured into extravagance.

You’ve chosen to have a smaller wedding because that’s the kind of couple you are. You wanted to keep things simple and share your day with a small group of special people. Don’t feel pressured to blow the budget.

Your budget will also determine just how many guests will be at your wedding so keeping it small will also keep the guest list down.

Spend extra time with your guests

When it comes to simple wedding ideas, nothing beats spending time with your guests. The beauty of a smaller guest list is that you can spend more time with your family and friends who have travelled to spend the day with you.

Whether it’s a dinner a couple of nights before or a brunch the day after (or both), it’s much easier to catch up with your entire guest list when there aren’t too many people to factor in.

A smaller guest list also means you can share moments with everyone on your wedding day. It’s not easy to get to everyone when the guest list is large, so make the most of your smaller guest numbers and spend time with them while you can.

Throw a party

If you find yourself guilt-ridden at the thought of culling people off your guest list, consider throwing a party after the ceremony and reception.

This will allow those who weren’t able to be at the ceremony to create memories with you.

After you’ve shared your day with your small group of guests, extend the celebrations into the night. It doesn’t have to be an all-out wild party, but it will give you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

Simple wedding ideas for a small and intimate wedding

We see weddings of all sizes here at Markovina and we are fully equipped to create the perfect environment to suit whatever kind of wedding you desire.

The size and design of our grounds make it easy to accommodate all wedding parties, large and small.

Make your simple wedding ideas for a small, intimate wedding come to life here with the help of our team of wedding experts and contact us today

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