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Throughout the working year, staff productivity goes through a natural series of highs and lows. Staff need frequent motivation injections in order to achieve personal goals and to understand their role in reaching goals set for the wider organisation.

Employee motivation is the key to keeping any workplace ticking over successfully. After all, if the motivation is not there, the willingness to work hard falls by the wayside. Productivity, staff morale and how well the team works together are some of the many benefits of employee motivation.

Managers should plan team building events throughout the year to ensure motivation levels are kept up all year round.

It’s easy to get swept up in the daily routine, especially as we get further into the year. The months tick by quickly so planning team building events in advance will ensure there is time set aside for the team to have a break from the office and spend some quality time together.

Team building is a fun and innovative way to show your staff you are serious about your corporate responsibility to maintain a happy workplace.

Team building events are essential for staff motivation

Team building makes good business sense

It is an important financial investment for any company to host team building events. The key is to provide staff with the motivation they need to return to work feeling positive and valued.

Exercises can be shaped to suit what it is you want to achieve. It could be to improve communication, boost morale, or improve your team’s cohesion.

Whatever it is you set out to achieve, team building events add vibrancy to a company’s corporate culture and give teams the right amount of ‘buzz’ to keep them motivated.

And with motivation comes productivity.

Bringing the motivation back to the office is all about keeping that ‘buzz’ alive. It could be as simple as sending a weekly email with a shot from the day and a motivational quote. This will remind your staff that you are serious about their development and that you too have fond memories of the day.

Team building events are essential for staff motivation

A team that works together is a team that gets things done

A good team building event can act as a reward for staff as well as an opportunity to understand and appreciate other members of the team. The event should always have a central focus on how well employees work together and each person should feel as important as the next.

Being part of a team can be one of the most rewarding experiences because it gives us the opportunity to achieve something greater than we could have done on our own. Challenges and activities at team building events help employees understand how to support and respect each other and encourages them see that the finish line is easier to get to when a team works well together.

One of the best things about team building events is that new friendships have a chance to form and old friendships have a chance to strengthen. This is because there are none of the usual interruptions or stresses that staff might otherwise experience in the office.

Team building events are essential for staff motivation

What makes a great team building event?

A great team building event is one that refreshes and motivates you and your staff. Leaving the office behind for the day is important as it offers a change of environment and one that staff won’t associate with work.

Don’t be deterred by the planning. With great activities and a great venue, your team will be talking about the day right up until the next event! Find an area of focus and come up with some fun ways to include this in your activities.

If the idea of planning is all too much, don’t scrap the idea altogether; there are ways around this. Try involving your staff in the process and create a committee who can work together to brainstorm ideas. After all, isn’t working together what it’s all about?

The bottom line is: make it fun and make it memorable. Remember, the more effort you put in to your staff, the more effort you will get out of them.

Team building events are essential for staff motivation

Book Markovina for your next team building event

The extensive grounds at Markovina Vineyard Estate offer plenty of options for team building events. Having hosted many events from companies both big and small, we know what makes a great team building event and can offer expert advice as to how you go about planning the day.

Team building activities at Markovina can be both indoors or outdoors with a food and beverage menu available. We can also team up with our friends at The Party Bus Company to provide transport both to and from the venue.

All you need is you, your staff and some great activities for the day. It really is as easy as that.

Book your next team building event today and kick the year off with a bang.

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