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Doing something to signify the end of another great year is not only important for some time out, it’s also a way to celebrate the efforts of a team. An event where everyone comes together in a non-professional setting is just what everyone needs to feel appreciated for their hard work and achievements.

But time is ticking by fast. Have you booked something?

Getting to this point in the year without a plan for a Christmas party can just add to that end-of-year stress. As much as we might regret not planning this earlier, we can’t go back now. We need to find a way to still make this happen, easily.

There is a way, and the team at Markovina Vineyard Estate are happy to take the weight off your shoulders.

Simply choose one of our Staff Christmas Party Packages, tell us how many people to expect and we will do the rest for you. With all the food, fun and entertainment you could ask for, your staff will think you’ve been planning this for months.

Theres still time to book a great Christmas party

What is included in the packages?

Everything, really. Just think of what makes a great party – food, music, venue, beverages – we’ve got it all covered.

The only finger you’ll need to lift will be to dial our phone number.

Located in one of Auckland’s most beautiful areas, a trip out Markovina Vineyard Estate feels like a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. We have plenty of outdoor activities to keep everyone happy and our in-house DJ will be there to entertain throughout the night.

We place a big emphasis on food and beverage. Our menus are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Theres still time to book a great Christmas party

Dine and Dance at Markovina Estate

Can’t decide if you want to let your hair down on the dance floor or mingle with your workmates over dinner?

Do both with Dine and Dance!

Relax in the extensive gardens of Markovina Vineyard Estate and settle in with a friendly game of petanque or volleyball.

With a strong focus on food, your meal will be nothing short of amazing. Later into the evening our DJ will light up the dancefloor for those who want to have a boogie. And for those who want to stay seated, the natural beauty of the Estate provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Theres still time to book a great Christmas party

Medieval Feast

If you had high hopes for a themed Christmas party you’ve probably left it a bit late to organise by now. Luckily there’s still an option for a themed party on offer that won’t require any planning on your part.

The Medieval Feast has been a popular theme at Markovina Vineyard Estate for years and workplaces continue to come back to enjoy the food and entertainment.

All decorations and theming are taken care of by the Markovina staff and the per-person price includes all food, entertainment and even costumes for your guests.

This Christmas party package has always been a sell-out so you best get booking if you want to secure a spot!

Theres still time to book a great Christmas party

Luncheon at the Estate

At the end of the year not all of us have the energy to party the night away. Sometimes it’s nice just to sit, relax and enjoy the company you’re in. We don’t get many chances to catch up with our workmates properly throughout the year, so a sit-down lunch is a great opportunity to really get to know your colleagues on another level.

The Luncheon at the Estate is the kind of event that will pull in full attendance. There’s no reason not to want to relax with a delicious lunch and a glass of great wine.

Take in the scenery or explore the gardens and ponds of Markovina Vineyard Estate. There are plenty of outdoor activities on offer for those who like to keep busy and there is no need to worry about a plan B for wet weather, Markovina has ample covered spaces to ensure your party goes ahead without a hitch.

Theres still time to book a great Christmas party

Need transport? No problem at all.

Together with Party Bus, the team at Markovina have plenty of transportation options that will ensure the safety of your staff.

Whether you’re after a standard coach to get from A to B or you want to go for something more luxurious, we can organise something for you. There’s no need to worry about staff getting behind the wheel at the end of the night.

Don’t disappoint your staff, there is still time to book a great Christmas party without having to do any of the planning. Simply call Markovina today and choose your package. We’re happy to put in all the effort and let you take the credit!

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