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Down here in the southern hemisphere, Christmas time is synonymous with BBQs, jandals and the early days of summer. We love our iconic Kiwi Christmases but the thought of enjoying the festive season during winter seems idyllic. We can get a taste of the real thing with a mid-winter Christmas party.

The popularity of mid-winter Christmas parties has grown over the last few years, particularly for the avid Christmas lovers who wish it could be Christmas every day. Getting festive during winter gives us a whole new set of creative opportunities that we don’t have in the summertime.

Ugly Christmas sweater anyone?

A mid-winter Christmas is more than just a party, it’s a well-timed break from routine.

The reason for their boost in popularity is that it’s the time of year when staff tend to feel a little less motivated. The Christmas holidays are still half a year away, workloads are stacking up and, of course, the weather outside is frightful.

Now is the perfect time to treat your staff to a mid-winter Christmas party. Here’s why.

Treat your staff to a mid winter Christmas for a festive break from routine

Give staff the chance to rekindle workplace relationships

When we feel trapped by routine, it can have an effect on many aspects of our lives, including our workplace relationships.

It can be overwhelming to juggle deadlines while dealing with the many personalities in the office. When we’re stressed, we tend to focus on the faults of others which can cause tension between staff.

Workplace relationships fluctuate. It’s ok, we’re all human. However, it’s extremely important to remind yourselves of why you work well as a team and get your workplace relationships back on track when they’re in a slump.

A mid-winter Christmas party gives you the opportunity to do so.

Taking time out together is an excellent chance to rekindle your workplace relationships that may have come under strain in recent times. There’s nothing quite like the relaxed, comfortable setting of a mid-winter Christmas party to remind your staff of the many qualities they all have.

After tightening your workplace bonds, you’ll be running like a well-oiled machine again.

Enjoy a mid-winter Christmas feast in the season of comfort food

For many of us, the best part about Christmas is the food. We fill our bellies to the brim with an endless spread of comfort food.

Although it’s delicious and we dive into it head-first, comfort food seems a little out of place in the summertime.

A mid-winter Christmas lets us experience the obligatory eat-until-bursting at the time of year that suits it best: winter.

Here at Markovina, food is one of the main focuses of a great event.

For our mid-winter Christmas parties, we make sure you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the Christmas feast. Our on-site chef uses only top quality ingredients to prepare each meal. You’ll be greeted with canapes and refreshments on arrival followed by one of the following options:

Buffet menu

There’s nothing like a good buffet and we know how to turn ‘good’ into ‘great’. Our buffet menu gives you the freedom to choose what you want when you want. We provide a great variety of dishes and ensure the food stays fresh and delicious. The buffet is our most popular menu selection.

Sharing platters

Platters are all the rage at the moment as they allow you to stay seated while still having freedom and variety. Our platters are indulgent and we offer an impressive array of options.

Plated menu

For a more formal setting, we offer a la carte dining. We are flexible on the menu, taking into account any dietary needs of your staff. We are happy to work with you to create the perfect mid-winter Christmas menu.

The event wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat. Our chef prepares the most delectable desserts to finish your meal. Served as a buffet, you can pick your desserts as you please. There’ll be more than enough for a second (or third) helping.

Raise your staff’s spirits with a mid-winter Christmas party

Sometimes a break from routine is all we need to clear our heads and return to work with a new frame of mind. While we’re not all able to jet set to the tropics for a week in the sun, we can break the winter blues with a night of great food and great friends.

There is no doubt that an epic mid-winter Christmas party will have a positive effect on the attitudes of staff. This is your opportunity to acknowledge their hard work at a time when they need it most.

You’ll be surprised at how effective a mid-winter Christmas party is for boosting morale. Come Monday, your staff will be sporting fresh perspectives and stronger workplace relationships.

Treat your staff to a mid winter Christmas for a festive break from routine

We’re halfway through the year which means it’s prime time for a mid-winter Christmas party. Don’t leave it too late to organise the event because before you know it, the real Christmas time will be here.

Regular staff functions are vital to creating a happy workplace environment. Call us today to book an authentic, magical mid-winter Christmas for a festive break from routine.

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