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Messages of love, luck and happiness are what guest books are all about. While going traditional and offering a simple blank book for these messages is nice, it’s easier than you think to get a bit creative and change things up.

Coming up with a fun alternative can be a great way to provide an interactive activity for your guests to enjoy. We’ve come up with some unique alternatives for your wedding guest book that are not only fun, but a purposeful way to document the messages of love on your wedding day.

Unique alternatives to a wedding guest book

Patchwork messages for a sentimental quilt

Both creative and practical, creating a quilt from the messages of your loved ones is a keepsake you’ll have with you for many years to come.

Provide your guests with a blank fabric square and have them write on it their message of congratulations with a fabric marker. Take the fabric home and sew them into a quilt that will be a long-standing wedding momento.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, or you know someone who is, this could be a great guest book alternative for you.

Unique alternatives to a wedding guest book

Match the pieces of a puzzle

When the finished product has come together, a puzzle can make a beautiful piece of wall art. What if each piece had sentimental value? Now, that would be even more special.

Find a puzzle that you can envision hanging on your wall and ask your guests to write their congratulatory messages on the individual pieces. The significance of having your friends and family come together as a whole is reflected in the idea of the puzzle. As you quietly reminisce about your special day, you can be reminded of being together with your loved ones while you form the puzzle.

Whether you intend to frame the puzzle or keep it safe in its box, the messages will be there for you to admire whenever you like.

Unique alternatives to a wedding guest book

Ask your guests to fill in the blanks

This idea will give you some of the best advice and loving messages you could hope for.

Your guests will find this a fun way to write you something really special and, for those who normally find it difficult to find the right words, this is a great way to prompt them.

Design a template with your partner, leaving blank spaces where you want the words to be interchangeable.

Your guests will have fun being creative with words. The result can range from silly to sweet and will make a great keepsake when filed together in a creative way. These make for great reading once the wedding hype is over and you quietly reflect at home.

Unique alternatives to a wedding guest book

Have fun with a polaroid camera

Words make great memories but words with pictures take it to the next level!

Polaroid photos are becoming a popular way to encourage your guests to leave you a message of congratulations on your wedding day and it’s not hard to see why. Guests can have fun with a few different shots and perhaps keep one for themselves to take home. In the midst of what is likely to be one of the happiest occasions, guests will be in fine form to deliver some great photos.

Make a polaroid camera or two available to your guests and ask them to write you a note on the back of the photo. Provide a permanent marker and throw in some fun props to really bring the photos to life!

Keep the photos in a blank book to look back on whenever you want that special reminder of your wedding day.

Unique alternatives to a wedding guest book

Turn your guests’ thumbprints into works of art

This is where you can get really creative! You can use any image you like and your guests’ thumbprints will be the artwork’s main feature.

  • Tree – let the thumbprints be the leaves
  • A peacock tail – the thumbprints can be the feathers
  • Balloons – use your guest’s thumbprints as their colourful tops
  • Bees – use yellow thumbprints around a beehive

Leave a stamp pad next to the picture you hope to fill with your guest’s thumbprints. You can be as creative as you want with print colours and the size and style of your picture.

There may not be enough room for a long, joyous message, but ask your guests to sign their print to acknowledge they were there to celebrate the day with you.

Unique alternatives to a wedding guest book

Getting creative with guest book alternatives means you’re less likely to stow a book away on the shelf and never look at it again.

There are plenty of ways to have your guests leave you a loving message on your wedding day without the need for them to gather dust years down the track.

At Markovina Vineyard Estate, we see a range of different ideas come out of the woodwork year after year, and we love seeing what people come up with. Coming up with something new lets your personality shine, as well as offers a fun activity to your guests during your wedding reception.

With plenty of space to bring even the most elaborate ideas to life, Markovina Vineyard Estate will ensure there’s nothing holding you back.

Our team are only happy to offer all the inspiration and advice you need. Call Markovina today and visit our wonderful venue.

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