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Bridal bouquets are an age-old tradition and still going strong today. Even for the most non-traditional couple, there is something particularly special about carrying a bouquet down the aisle. However traditional they may be, you can add your personal touch and create a unique bridal bouquet that is truly one of a kind.

From sentimental fabrics to unexpected wildflowers, you can add anything you like to your wedding bouquet. Like many aspects of a wedding, small details go a long way in modernising flower arrangements and creating a unique bridal bouquet.

With inspiration from your wedding theme and colour palette, you can really bring your unique bridal bouquet to life. Here are our five favourite ideas for transforming a standard flower arrangement into a work of art.

Five stylish ideas for unique bridal bouquets


We’ve seen feathers make an appearance in bridal bouquets recently. From colourful peacock feathers to graceful ostrich feathers, they add softness, texture and beauty to any arrangement.

Don’t be nervous about including feathers in your bridal bouquet. You’ll be able to find the style and colour that perfectly suit your unique bridal bouquet. When used for this purpose, there is such a wide range of feathers to choose from. So whether you want classic white or brightly coloured, you’ll be able to get your hands on whatever you want.

By incorporating feathers into your bridal bouquet you can add a whole new shape and chic style to the arrangement.

Five stylish ideas for unique bridal bouquets

Fabric or ribbon flowers

The hardest part about deciding on your style of bridal bouquet is the knowledge that flowers don’t last forever. And whilst you can preserve your flowers in all sorts of ways, there comes a day when you need to say goodbye to the blooms for good.

Well, not with a fabric bouquet!

There are some very clever people out there doing very clever things with fabric. From tight rosette twists to soft fabric flowers, incorporating fabric creates a truly unique bridal bouquet.

The wonderful thing about fabric flowers is that it gives couples a chance to use sentimental fabrics that they’d hoped to include in their wedding somehow. It’s also a great place to add your “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” feature – you could even cover all four bases in one bouquet if you like!

Five stylish ideas for unique bridal bouquets

Succulents and natural textures

The inclusion of succulents, wildflowers and natural textures has become increasingly popular over the last few years. These natural elements add so much eye-catching detail and create a truly unique bridal bouquet.

Succulents and natural textures are no longer only appropriate for rustic bridal bouquets.

We’re now seeing these elements in even the most glamorous of arrangements.

Depending on how natural you want your arrangement to look, you could include anything from driftwood to beach shells. It won’t look like you’ve just come from the beach, your florist will be able to include these features while still maintaining the beauty and finesse of your bridal bouquet.

Five stylish ideas for unique bridal bouquets

Dried arrangements

Drying flowers are a great way of preserving your beloved bridal bouquet a little longer. Instead of waiting until after the wedding to do this, why not opt for a dried arrangement on the day?

Dried bridal bouquets have an earthy, rustic look to them and they’re far more fragrant than fresh flowers. Florists are able to dry flowers in a way that intensifies their natural colours, as well as maintaining their shape and strength.

Of course not all flowers are appropriate for drying. But if you choose strong flowers such as lavender, baby’s breath and roses, you could put together a stunningly unique arrangement.

Five stylish ideas for unique bridal bouquets

Even paper features make unique bridal bouquets

Paper? Yes, paper! We’re not talking about reams of printing paper or post-it notes. We’re thinking more along the lines of sheet music, origami and paper pinwheels.

Paper features are colourful, playful and add unique textural dimensions. They’re also very affordable and can bulk up a bridal bouquet to reduce the amount of flowers you need.

You could also add sentimental value with paper by using a favourite book, comic or piece of music.

Whether it’s a full bouquet (yes, it can be done!) or just a few features here and there, paper is always an interesting addition to a bridal bouquet.

Five stylish ideas for unique bridal bouquets

You don’t have to be a creative person to put together a unique bridal bouquet. With the help of a florist or ideas you’ve found online, you’ll see that the choices are limitless.

We see all sorts of amazing bridal bouquets here at Markovina and the more creative the arrangement, the more memorable it becomes.

If you’re in the planning phase of your wedding, come and take a look at our venue.

Our landscape and greenery perfectly compliment wedding flowers and our experienced team are here to assist you whenever you need. Call us today.

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