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In today’s world of semi-disconnect, it is easy for us to loose touch with one another and miss the connectedness, sense of belonging and acceptance you get from family.

That love of family in-part, plays a large role in the types of weddings we see here at Markovina. The day is less about a simple exchange of vows, and more to do with coming together to celebrate all that the bride and groom are. And of course, family plays a huge part in that celebration.

Culture, connectedness and showing love

The emotion and joy family and friends bring to the big day cannot be underestimated.

There is no better example of the intensity of love and joy that people the world over have responded to, than in this wedding here, where a haka performed by the bride and groom’s family and friends, went viral.

The haka is a common part of any Maori associated wedding and we see many here at Markovina. The haka brings an adherence to culture and a display of intense connectedness; which is what thousands of viewers saw, and positively responded to in the video, despite many of them knowing nothing at all about Maori culture or the haka.

Special moments can happen

This focus on the haka illustrates perfectly the fact that a wedding is not just about the vows, and there are many special and magical moments that can happen before or after. What is refreshing about the haka example, is that a haka is not rehearsed – it happens organically, proving the fact that special moments can happen even if you haven’t planned for them.

In our list of special moments from a wedding day, there are a few that really stand out.

  • Seeing the bride for the first time/walking the aisle
  • The groom’s reaction
  • The vows
  • The first dance
  • Speeches

Unique touches and stand out moments

At Markovina we see many weddings of various size, scale and style.

The ones which stand out the most for us, are those that incorporate family and friends, culture, and also the bride and groom’s own unique touches.

Unique wedding ideas that capture those magical moments

For all weddings there are moments that will stay with your guests for years to come, and what that moment is, will depend on the individual.

Winning weddings

Here are some of the weddings that for various reasons, have made an impact for us.

At Markovina, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a wedding venue that is versatile, and able to be used to fit a wide range of weddings. Whether indoor or out, we are able to shape our reception and ceremony spaces into the ideal venue for unique and inspiring weddings.

Working with couples in this collaborative way brings us joy, and we value the communication and working partnerships that we develop. In much the same way that a wedding is about bringing a family together, we see the pre-planning and set-up phase, as the area where we can offer our experience and expertise gained by the many weddings we have hosted. And we relish it for what the couples bring – unique ideas, passion, style and personalised rituals.

We recognise a wedding as having the ability to change and adapt, and our highly trained staff have the ability to do this effortlessly and seamlessly.

A couple will bring their own interpretation to ensure that the event and the day is representative of them and includes all that is important, family, friends, love, connection and commitment.

Unique wedding ideas that capture those magical moments

Our skill lies in the execution of the day, and making sure that it is the most beautiful and memorable day for everyone attending.

Call us for a chat and find out more about the many options we can offer.

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