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Many of us wish we could go back to our wedding day, to relive the moments we remember so fondly. Although we can’t replicate the day itself, we can hold a vow renewal and create even more happy memories to cherish for years to come.

Weddings celebrate your relationship. Vow renewals celebrate your marriage. If you’re happy, why not shout it from the roof tops? Perhaps you’d like to reaffirm your commitment to each other. Whatever the reason, holding a vow renewal is an extremely special occasion.

The great thing about vow renewal ceremonies is that you can include people who perhaps weren’t in your life on the day of your wedding. Your children, the friends you’ve made along the way, family members who couldn’t make it to your wedding – they can all be there for round two!

As a married couple, it’s time to reflect on what you’ve achieved together. Planning your vow renewal can be as creative and personal as you’d like it to be. And with no legal paperwork required, you can get into the exciting stuff right off the bat.

Renew your vows and celebrate your marriage

When is the best time to hold a vow renewal?

Milestone anniversaries should be celebrated, be it 10, 30 or 50 years. If you want really want to make a deal of your anniversary, a vow renewal ceremony is ideal.

While many couples want to renew just once, some renew their vows as often as every year (it’s true!).

There is no hard and fast rule about when you could hold a vow renewal ceremony. There are also no rules on who should attend. Bring all your family and friends together for a grand celebration, or have an intimate ceremony with your nearest and dearest.

Sit down with your spouse and discuss what elements you’d like to see at the ceremony. This is your time to do things exactly the way you want, so be as elaborate or as understated as you want.

Renew your vows and celebrate your marriage

Personal touches make the day even more special

Vow renewals are all about the special touches. It really is a no-holds-barred kind of occasion where you can freely add personal features wherever you see fit.

Here are some ideas:

  • Let anyone officiate the ceremony – unlike a wedding, a vow renewal isn’t a legal event. This means your host can be whoever you like – your children, a close friend or a family member.
  • Get new rings – Signify the occasion with new rings and engrave them with the date.
  • Play your original wedding video or project a slide show of images from the day.
  • Make the day as formal or as casual as you like – there are no rules!
  • Add a theme and have your guests dress up for a bit of fun. Go all out and wear your original wedding attire!
  • Let you children plan the day for you. If they couldn’t be there for your wedding, they’d love to be part of your vow renewal.

Renew your vows and celebrate your marriage

Renew your vows among idyllic scenery

With such extensive grounds, Markovina Vineyard Estate is a fairytale setting for a vow renewal.

Markovina’s grounds are set up with weddings in mind. There is so much to explore at Markovina Vineyard Estate that you will be spoiled for choice of picture-perfect spots.

We have five ceremony locations to choose from, all with their own unique qualities:

Much the same as we do with weddings, your vow renewal celebration will be the only event of the day. This means you are free to roam wherever you like and embrace all that the Estate has to offer.

By viewing the venue prior to your ceremony, you can pick out your favourite spots where you’d like to snap some photos on the day. And with an outstanding PA system and a range of garden speakers, your choice of music can resonate throughout the grounds.

 Renew your vows and celebrate your marriage

With summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to consider planning a vow renewal ceremony.

Forget all that traditional wedding etiquette that dictated much of your wedding day. You vow renewal is your time to commemorate your relationship any way you like.

At Markovina Vineyard Estate, we will treat your vow renewal much the same as we would a wedding. Our experienced team are equipped to handle any kind of event and vow renewals are some of the most beautiful occasions we see at the Estate. Witnessing the celebration of a strong marriage is an unforgettable experience and one we’d love to share with you.

If you’re thinking of holding a vow renewal ceremony, call the team at Markovina today and let us help you plan. For such a special occasion, an event like this is perfectly suited to our stunning Auckland venue.

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