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It’s officially the wedding season and brides and grooms across the country will be checking off those final tasks on their wedding to-do list. When there are only a matter of weeks (or days!) until the wedding, we begin the wedding countdown. This is often when we start to question how organised we really are.

A few months ago we had all our ducks in a row. That precious phrase “as long as the big stuff is booked, it’ll be fine” now seems completely irrelevant. What about all the little stuff?

As we tangle ourselves in a web of fiddly tasks that probably should have been taken care of months ago, stress levels begin to rise and the to-do list seems like a never ending assignment.

Never fear! Your day will come together and all those little things you feel are too important to omit from your wedding will somehow seem insignificant come your big day. Remember, when you began planning you were in control so there’s no point losing control this close to the event. What was important to you then should still be important to you now, so try not to add anything else to the list at this stage.

Here are the final five tasks to complete when you enter your wedding countdown

The 5 final tasks of the wedding countdown

Make it legal

Don’t be the couple who, after all that planning, forget the marriage license.

What’s the most important thing to have in your hot little hands after your wedding ceremony? It’s not the rings, not the flowers, it’s not even each other’s hand! It’s your marriage license.

If you’ve come to the final countdown without applying for your marriage license, you really need to hustle. It’s easy to obtain and doesn’t take long, but you really don’t want to find it’s been delayed and won’t be ready for your wedding!

The 5 final tasks of the wedding countdown

Fine-tune your run sheet and give a copy to vendors

It’s a good idea to do a few drafts of your run sheet before settling on the final copy. Pass it between you and your bride or groom-to-be so you both know what’s happening and when. Aside from the bride being fashionably late, punctuality is a huge part of a successful wedding. Your run sheet will keep everything ticking along just as it should.

Meeting with your vendors during the wedding countdown is an important part of the wedding planning process. Here you can have that last chat to ensure you’re on the same page. Your vendors will need a copy of your run sheet to know when it is they are needed and what is happening around them.

Make sure your MC also has a copy as they will be the one directing your guests in the various stages of your wedding.

The 5 final tasks of the wedding countdown

Finalise your seating plan

This is notoriously one of the trickier tasks in wedding planning but when you’re in the countdown phase, there is simply no way to avoid it.

By now you should have all your RSVPs in and your final guests list ready to transform into a seating plan.

Instead of dreading your seating plan, make life a little easier with a digital seating chart. This is much easier than arranging tiny pieces of paper into suitable groups. A digital seating chart allows you to drag and drop your guests into groups and colour codes each section for you.

The 5 final tasks of the wedding countdown

Create your wedding favours

The reason this is left to last is to give you an activity that occupies your mind and keeps you from adding to your to-do list.

Creating your wedding favours should be a fun task so don’t attempt to go overboard. Know your capabilities, stick to your budget and opt for a wedding favour that you’re going to enjoy putting together.

Feeling productive during the wedding countdown is a great way of keeping stress at bay while still feeling like you’re ticking something off your wedding planning list.

The 5 final tasks of the wedding countdown

Rest, relax and refresh

Getting enough time to yourself is by far one of the most crucial tasks during the wedding countdown. Without adequate time to reflect on all the things that are coming together beautifully, you can easily feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Enjoy those last days as an unmarried couple. Although you’re onto bigger and better things, one day you’ll look back and reminisce about when you once called each other ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’.

Keep a positive attitude and remember there is nothing that can’t be resolved. All that hard work in your wedding planning will pay off beyond measure come your big day.

The 5 final tasks of the wedding countdown

At this stage your wedding is as good as planned, so take a deep breath and enjoy these moments. After all your efforts in the planning process, now is the time to look forward to seeing it all come together.

Here at Markovina Vineyard Estate, we are happy to help guide our wedding couples when they are feeling a little unsure about where they’re at. We like to support our couples throughout the entire process, not just on the wedding day.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, pop up at see us at Markovina. Our friendly team have ample experience in wedding planning and are happy to assist wherever needed. Call us today.


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