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We all want our wedding to be special and unforgettable. So how do you wow your guests and make your special day stand out above the rest?

The truth is, it’s the smallest things that can have the biggest impact.

Your guests know what to expect from a typical wedding, so add the unexpected and take their experience to a new level. It doesn’t have to blow your budget; some ideas don’t have to cost anything at all. Here are some suggestions that will make your wedding a day to remember.

Pre-ceremony cocktails

Anything unexpected is always well-received. Give your guests a pleasant surprise by setting up a table of refreshments while they make their way to the ceremony. Especially during summer, this will go down a treat!

Remember to keep it light (you don’t want anyone going overboard too early in the day) and be sure to include some non-alcoholic drinks too. In the summer months, a fruity cocktail or infused ice tea is refreshing and tasty – a great way to start the day!

Wedding ideas that wont blow your budget

Useful added extras

Your guests have travelled far and wide to be with you on your special day, so why not offer them something to keep them comfortable.

By thinking ahead, you can ensure your guests get the most out of the day.

If you’re planning to encourage your friends and family to dance the night away, perhaps leave a basket of jandals so the ladies can kick off their heels. For the breezy nights, offer some cozy blankets so your guests can enjoy sitting under the stars. Or for summer ceremonies, provide a ‘sun-smart station’ where your guests can slip on some sunnies (you can get all sorts at a dollar store) and slap on some sunscreen.

Children’s activity table and babysitters

It’s lovely to be able to include children on your guest list, but kids are far happier when they’re kept entertained. Choose an area of your reception area where you can set up a station just for the kids. Stock up on snacks, games, colouring-in books, and a portable DVD player and the kids will be able to have the time of their lives, just like the adults.

Hire a babysitter (or a few) and have them watch over the kids while they play. When it’s time to tucker out, have blankets and pillows at the ready so the kids can catch their much-needed shut eye.

Parents will be so grateful that they know their children are having fun in a safe and friendly environment. And with all that help on hand, they can enjoy a worry-free evening with you.

Wedding ideas that wont blow your budget

A guest book with a difference

We love to be creative when planning a wedding, and we will typically try to think outside the box as much as we can. When it comes to your guest book think beyond the standard look and create something a bit different.

It could be something as simple as having your guests ‘fill-in-the-blanks’. Create your own guest book with a few simple questions on each page and your guests won’t be stuck thinking of something to write (which can often put people off giving it a go). Questions like “how did you meet the the bride or groom” or “what’s the most important ingredient to a happy marriage” will make it fun for your guests and give you something to cherish forever.

Wedding ideas that wont blow your budget

A photo booth

Give your guests the chance to try their hand at photography with the option of a photo booth. A photo booth doesn’t have to be a ‘booth’ as such, you could simply reserve an area of the reception space for your friends to go and take photos with each another. Decorate the area so it’s inviting for even the shyest of guests and provide a camera and some props to make it fun.

You will be surprised at how quickly your guests will be in the mood to help you capture some wonderful memories that the photographer might miss. For a special touch, include one of their photos in your thank you card.

Wedding ideas that wont blow your budget

A delicious supper for the late partiers

For those who have the stamina to stay on, offer them a ‘midnight snack’. Decadent treats such as cookies, hot chocolates and lolly mixtures will take them back to their youth and help to wind the party down slowly.

It’s a perfect way to end a perfect day and your guests will appreciate the gesture.

Wedding ideas that wont blow your budget

Utilise social media

This is something you can do long before your wedding day. With an array of wedding websites available these days, you can easily create something special. Here you can get your guests excited about the upcoming nuptials with blogs, vlogs and information about the wedding. Directions, accommodation, local attractions and weather forecasts will mean your guests can find everything they need to know in one place.

Create a quirky hashtag that your guests can use when posting on social media before and after the wedding. You and your guests can find every wedding-related post with this virtual file.

Guests transport

Here’s where you can really add some wow-factor to your day. Many of your guests will have come from out of town, or even from overseas. Making it easy for them to get to and from the venue on the day will be very much appreciated. So why not make the journey exciting by hiring a special mode of transport?

Here’s where Markovina are only too happy to help. Our friends at The Party Bus Company have a range of outstanding coaches available for hire that will ensure your guests can relax without having to worry about driving home afterwards.

Depending on numbers, you have the option to choose from one of their luxury vehicles, coaches, or from the Party Bus fleet.

For the Bride and Bridesmaids, make your way to the ceremony in the luxurious comfort of a Limo Coach. Arrive in style on your special day and feel like a princess.

Wedding ideas that wont blow your budget

It doesn’t take much to think outside the square when planning your wedding day.

You can keep the traditional aspects that we all know and love and add a few small things to make the day a memorable one. For each small detail, your guests will appreciate the extra effort you have put in to show your gratitude that they have all joined you at your wedding.

Keep in mind that the team at Markovina are here to help you create the wedding you always hoped for. Having a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the most incredible day. Don’t look past Markovina Estate – we welcome your enquiries and have put together some very affordable options.

Having hosted hundreds of weddings over the years, we are experts in the ‘dos’ and don’ts; we want to see you have the best day of your life.

Call us today to bounce off some ideas. We will do our very best to incorporate each and every one into your special day.

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