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Wedding planning is fraught with ‘what ifs’ ‘maybes’ and ‘possibilities’, to the point that even the most well planned wedding can encounter unexpected issues.

It’s at times like this that hindsight rears its unhelpful head. The thing with hindsight is that we never have it when we need it; by its very nature it is illusive.

What we can do (that is far more helpful) is learn from the experience of others.

Simply allow their past issues to become your current hindsight.

At Markovina we play host to multiple weddings, each and every year and what we have learned is that there are many instances where the bride and groom forget certain key aspects when planning their wedding.

Our top 5 in this field are:

Stress is simply part of the day

Wedding planning ideas to make your day perfect

So come to terms with the fact that you’re going to offend, disagree or be emotional about someone or something.

Party planning even at age level 5, is stressful and planning a wedding is like party planning x 100, where the stress stakes get that much higher.

Compounding the stress is the fact that people have set expectations and will inevitably draw comparisons with other weddings. So the stress you feel when selecting tableware settings right down to the napkins, is a valid emotion. And when you have a fiancé or other family members who challenge you on your choices, it can be difficult to remain calm and composed.

Try to strike that delicate balance between knowing the wedding isn’t just about you, that it is about family, friends, love and union, but also, in the end, it is your special day so balance and perspective must be maintained.

Try to not worry too much about what people want or think, do consider other people’s opinions, especially close family members, but at the same time realise the choice is yours and that you need not aim to please everyone. Simply trust your choices.

Spend wisely and put your money where it counts

Wedding planning ideas to make your day perfect

Your wedding should be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and many brides take that as licence to go all out, both over-spending and going overboard to seek perfection.

Again perspective plays a significant role. As amazing and memory filled as your wedding day will be it is but a single day in what should be years upon years of married life.

What people tend to remember most above everything else is the pretty touches, the connectedness of the day and the fun, laughs, tears and entertainment of the event as a whole.

So whether your budget is $100 or $100,000, concentrate on the things you’ll remember most and don’t stress about (and save more money on) the rest. One area that plays significantly in the success of a wedding is the venue and food.

You want a space that will accommodate everyone, has multiple areas both indoor and out, is unique, nature filled and beautiful.

At Markovina we cover both areas with stunning grounds, ponds and a vine covered dinning area that exudes effortless beauty. As full wedding hosts we also provide exceptional meals, either buffet or served, full beverage service and an area that doubles as a dance floor.

The experience with loved ones is after all, the main thing and that is what Markovina recognises and places our focus on. So spending in the right place will pay off in more ways than one.

Do some road testing

Wedding planning ideas to make your day perfect

You may think that by giving your DJ guidance in terms of genres and favourite songs, that will be enough to ensure your party is filled with the right songs and the exact vibe you’re after. However experience says, that even if a vendor is recommended by someone you know it is in your best interest to know exactly what you are going to get.

Because their service is essential to your wedding, you need to make sure you’re absolutely on the same page.

Why not ask to see video clips from their previous DJ events to see how they are live, to see how they interact with the crowd, how they handle off-genre song requests and do they throw in random announcements “here’s to the special couple” here’s to a night the bride has been dreaming of all her life”.

In addition to interviewing the suppliers you will use, also ask for samples of their work, see if you can do a test run or see the vendor’s work in an actual setting.

The day is yours, so skip the rituals that don’t really matter to you

Wedding planning ideas to make your day perfect

Weddings are a ritual in themselves filled with tradition and layered with ritual upon ritual; something old, something blue, first dance, throwing the bouquet, wedding toast and speeches.

It is fully acceptable for a bride to keep her bouquet and not toss it; in much the same way as it is for bridesmaids and single friends to not want to engage in a ritual that assigns them to the upcoming ranks of marriage, as decided by random chance and the throwing of a bouquet.

Modern day societal ideals and a bride’s desire for keepsakes, keep many couples from running with this tradition, no matter how fun it may be to watch.

Don’t feel obliged to include anything in your wedding just because it’s tradition. Or because it’s on someone else’s schedule or wedding template. At Markovina some of the best weddings we have seen, have been where the couples own unique take on rituals or their dedication to create special moments has shone through above all else.

Experience shows that uniqueness rules… above strict adherence to old tradition.

Plan for the worst

Wedding planning ideas to make your day perfect

You can plan for an outdoor wedding; however the weather may give you no choice. At Markovina we provide our couples with indoor and outdoor ceremony venues of comparable standard and beauty, so no matter what Auckland’s temperamental climate may throw at you, you are covered (literally).

Have a backup for everything because if you rip a hem then a simple safety pin will save the day. A wedding emergency kit is always a good idea with simple things like wipes, safety pins and Panadol. The backup idea applies to your vows, speeches and toasts because you don’t want to have to contend with nerves as well as not knowing what you want to say.

Whether it’s the weather, the large gathering of incompatible people, or just plain bad luck, prepare for something to go wrong. It’s like bracing yourself for impact, when you know it’s coming and you’re prepared, you can come out unscathed.

At Markovina we have seen it all and have in many instances alleviated the stress for many of our couples.

If we can lessen the effects of a tropical cyclone that took out the power supply and run an amazing wedding where none of the guests had any idea that the power went out, then we think we can handle pretty much anything.

If you are planning your upcoming wedding and want to chat about some ideas or road test a venue, give us a call. We are always happy to accommodate.

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