Kiri Marsters Photography

Wedding Photography & Videography

At Kiri Marsters Photography, they’ve got years of experience under their belts, snapping up more than 50 weddings annually. Their goal is simple: to tell your love story through candid, intimate, and unique moments that just feel right. Every photo in the gallery and film will reflect the natural, fun-loving vibe of your big day

As a team, they bring a laid-back and fun vibe to ease any wedding day jitters. While they prioritise capturing the essence of people, they’re also all about grabbing every little detail that makes your big day shine – even those impromptu dance floor moves!

As a husband-wife duo, they keep it lighthearted and fun to help take the stress out of your day. They focus on people but ensure they capture every other detail that makes your wedding day so special including any crazy dance moves!

Kiri Marsters Photography

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