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Platonic Beginnings

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

For some, its love at first sight and for others it’s a gradual building of affection. Starting as close friends, the development into something greater came naturally to Michaela and Nelson.

A fast four years into the relationship came a surprise proposal for Michaela, one which to Nelson’s credit was well planned and executed. He chose Michaela’s favourite place in the world, atop of pancake rocks at Langs Beach on New Year’s Eve and came bearing a beautifully crafted and perfectly sized ring.

Wedding Style – Stylish Wedding

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

An illness in the family meant that time was of the essence for our newly engaged couple.

Four months to plan and execute a wedding, may to some brides seem like a nightmare or a challenge of epic proportions. Armed with a plan and determined that the path to the aisle be a smooth and carefree one, Michaela and Nelson found that and much more with their choice of venue – Markovina Vineyard Estate. Stunned and impressed by the venue, when viewed in the height of summer, the venue delivered even more when it came to the big day on the 17th May.

“Staff, food, layout, running of the event were all great. Rena’s passion to exceed expectations is admirable and comes across in the running of the day.”

With autumn in full bloom the couple’s colour scheme blended perfectly and allowed a restrained use of added decorations, the perfect option for fast and easy wedding preparations.

Don’t get me wrong by restrained… we do not mean lacking in impact, the Markovina venue shone through in all its autumnal glory.

“We were extremely impressed with the team at Markovina. They made us feel welcome and took care of our every need. Our ceremony was stunning under the Kauri trees and the reception went perfectly to plan and was beautiful under the vines indoors.This was the perfect venue for a winter wedding as we had options for an indoor and an outdoor ceremony. We were lucky that the weather held for outdoors.”

Dress, Hair, Makeup and Action

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

Michaela’s dress was a wonderful combination of heirloom qualities and personal design with buttons from her nana’s wedding dress and her mother’s wedding petticoat and veil.

In emotional and connective terms it is a one of a kind dress, but beyond that Michaela, a fashion graduate put her creative skills into designing the dress of her dreams, for the day of her dreams.

A combination of tulle, mesh and lace with hand stitched antique gold lace. The stylish construction of Michaela dress was matched by perfectly executed hair and makeup in natural tones and style. It’s the perfect combination of dress, hair and makeup in synchronicity.

The Ceremony

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

Blessed with the choice of a vineyard, mature trees, gardens, ponds ad indoor settings Michaela and Nelson choose the majesty of an outdoor setting supported by two large Kauri trees.

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

As is always the case with outdoor vows, the often fickle Auckland weather played on the couple’s mind. They needn’t had worried, the weather stayed clear and allowed for a ceremony full of emotion, fun and love. A modern couple with strong family ties and a respect for tradition, the ceremony was a balance of traditional and modern with personally written vows that allowed Michaela and Nelson to voice the beauty of their relationship to all those they love.

The Reception

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

What can often derail a so-far-so-good wedding is a venue change, with time to kill in-between.

As smart planners Michaela and Nelson chose Markovina, in part, for the fact that with an amazing outdoor venue comes an equally stunning reception area, with beautiful vines adorning the rafters.

“The food and beverage package is good value for money and all guests commented on how fantastic the food was. A perfect combination of meats, veg and salads. Great accommodation of vegetarians and gluten free guests. They were very impressed and made special mention. The platter service on the table is great as it meant that we didn’t have to line up for food.”


Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

Draped in natural beauty there is little extra work needed to make the venue shine, after all why detract from the beauty of the vines. It was enough to hang lanterns with added table decorations. Michaela and Nelson’s cake was traditional with ribbon and roses, its stylish yet simple façade masked what was a decadently rich chocolate whiskey cake that left everyone wanting more.

The first dance was to Sam Cooke’s ‘Bring it on Home to Me,’ played by a live band, it provided a nice take on a classic song.

“Rena asked about our band as they were fantastic. They are called Pat for President, they have a great video about themselves on their website.”

Blessed with an amazing support network Michaela and Nelson were able to share their day, delivered with speed and in a stress free tone, with all those they love – family and friends.

Wedding venue delivers excellence at short notice

Advice for Brides to be

A few sage, words of advice, from Michaela to all brides to be:

“Don’t stress. The most special memories are based around family, friends and love. Decorations are beautiful but they are not what you will remember forever. Focus on what will last forever in your photos and in your memories”.

“We cannot fault Rena and her team as they catered to our every need and helped to make our wedding day perfect – thanks!”

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