Garden Weddings

So many different spaces to explore

We consider our estate a true garden weddings location with so many wonderful locations to have your ceremony, mix and mingle with your guests and escape to capture special moments for your wedding album.

With 10 acres of land, we’ve highlighted some of our garden features below to show what your wedding album can look like, but also some of the most candid photos can be snapped just wondering around the property.

We have a range of locations including some that are designed for these photo opportunities, and some that are more rustic and natural for the photo album.

The Boat

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
What a difference

We have almost everything you need onsite, including a boat in our main pond area. You are welcome to get in the boat for your photos, it is attached to the jetty or if you would prefer not to take the risk of falling in, the jetty is safe and sturdy and you can still capture the essence of the pond and surrounding gardens.

The jetty and the boat are perfect for romantic couple shots, and you can also be photographed from the other side of the pond, capturing the scale of the green gardens and pond around you.

The Hayfield | Wedding Garden

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
Enjoy our field of grass, be lost in the wilderness

We leave a huge area of long grass growing in the corner of our property, so that you can capture that special moment of being lost in the wilderness. Throughout the year, we mow the grass in stages to ensure you can capture photos out here all-year round, however kindly note that at some times of year we don’t mow the entire paddock so that the grass field is full for our main wedding season.

The Hayfield is perfect for either couple photos or shots with your full bridal party, there is room for all including the great shot of spraying a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the special occasion.

The Forest | Wedding Garden

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
Its amazing the difference some trees make

Between the car park and the venue, you may not notice these trees at first, but with just a few rows of hardwood trees, they make you feel you have found a forest.

The Forest is suitable to get photos in all year round as these trees are evergreen and a fantastic location to get photos as a newly married couple or with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The Swing | Wedding Garden

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
Another addition to our venue for that special photo

Hidden away down being the Chestnut Trees is a wooden swing just for the two of you to take that brilliant photo. We find it is all about the small things that create big memories, or is also a sweet location to capture some photographs if you have little children.

The Vines | Wedding Garden

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
A few grapevines to enjoy

Back in the day our entire property at Markovina Estate was planted in rows of vines as a bouquet vineyard. Over the years we have shifted our focus to hospitality, weddings and events, though we have ensured that we have kept some rows for our original vines for couples to wonder through capturing that vineyard moment.

The Great Outdoors

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
Space to do almost anything

We have so many locations and hidden spaces around the property that you can capture stunning photographs. We have huge open outdoor lawns that your guests can enjoy and you can drive your wedding cars on to, we have manicured gardens, pond features, vines, a forest and so many more locations. It truly does make for a variety of photos in your wedding album.

As night falls

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
As the darkness falls our venue changes

We have some subdued lighting around the gardens at night, enough so guests can still explore our garden spaces.

Ensure you talk with your photographer about bringing in additional lighting to highlight that special feature tree or space and have extra time with your photographer for those twilight and night photos.

Barrel Feature

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings
Fits right in

It is only fitting to take a photo in front of our impressive barrel feature seeing we are a vineyard garden wedding venue.

Whether it is you both as a married couple, or just the bridesmaid or groomsmen, the barrel feature is a ‘must have’ photo location for the wedding album.

What our customers have to say

  • Markovina is a stunning venue... We had so many compliments from our guests on how gorgeous the venue was, and how fantastic the food was too!

    Jessica & Stephen Gillard
  • The actual day was magical, the gardens are stunning and the grounds are so well looked after.

    Sarah & Jonathan Ziesler
  • Markovina estate was a stunning venue for our wedding especially with its lush gardens, spacious hall and its hanging vines, and so many amazing locations to have your wedding ceremony.

    Jenny & Donny Mukerji
  • Markovina is the perfect place for a wedding. The venue is beautiful and food is amazing. We had a wonderful stress free day.

    Eleanor & Phillip Christensen

Garden Wedding FAQs

Do you have any wet weather photo options?

Yes, we have some great undercover options to get your photos, however it is likely you will still have some opportunity to get outside and have photos taken under trees and capture those special moments. We have a number of umbrella’s avialble, which also make for a nice prop. If you do get rained out you can come back the next day (by appointment) to take the photos you are missing

Can we use the entire property?

Yes, we only book one wedding per day so the grounds will be able exclusively for you and your guests

Can we use confetti?

We don’t allow confetti, however you can use real or freeze dried rose petals outside

Do you have music in the gardens?

Yes, we have a range of outdoor speakers in our gardens which your DJ can plug into or you can provide a device with a playlist on

Garden Weddings

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