Weddings on a Budget

You can create amazing memories without creating an amazing debt

When planning a wedding, we want to make sure you are planning one that you can afford. We have included this part of our website to give you some ideas on how you can have your dream wedding at Markovina Estate while still keeping within your budget.

Consider your date and save

Weddings on a Budget
Choosing a less peak date can be well worthwhile

The best way to save at a Markovina Estate wedding is by considering the date you are wanting to book. Do you need to have a Friday or Saturday night? Will you have just as much fund on a weeknight?

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, we offer significant savings when choosing a midweek night, a midyear date or shoulder seasons. You continue to receive all the elements of our weddings package but can save up to $60pp depending on the date selected for a 2024 wedding.

Plus with our stunning all weather ceremony space in front of our fireplace, our venue is amazing all year round.

DIY Wedding Setup

Weddings on a Budget
We help save you money

As an added bonus for you, we have a huge selection of vases, jars, bowls, crates, mirrors and much more that you are welcome to use for your table decor when planning your wedding.

We also have wishing wells, bird cages and even a wine press that you can use for your cards and gift table, plus you don’t have to worry about easels for your seating plan.

A number of small things that add up to help make it easier when you are arranging your own table decorations.

Saving on Dancing Music

Weddings on a Budget
You don't need to spend too much on your music

When it comes to planning your music on your wedding day, there are so many options for you. Do you get live music for mingling or not? Do you get a DJ or band?

What we do to make it easy is we have a sound system that gives you garden speakers, surround speakers inside and dance floor speakers.

This means that you are welcome to bring your own device for your mingling music or for your dance music. Your DJ can simply plug into our system so when you use a device it will sound just the same. It all comes down to your music choice.

Also if you don’t know what to play for your mingling and dinner music, we can manage that for you. However when it comes to dancing, we do leave that for you.

What our customers have to say

  • Rina was amazing on the day, always checking if we were ok and just made us feel so amazing.

    Paulina & Lyndsay
  • Easy organization around the food and alcohol made it easy for us to relax on the day, knowing that all of that was paid for and no stress about adding on money to the bar.

    Paulina & Lyndsay

Weddings on a Budget FAQ

Can we book a wedding without beverages included?

Yes, however we find if you think your guests are going to have more than 3 or 4 drinks each, you are better off with the inclusive drinks package.

Can we just hire the venue and bring in our own caterers?

Sorry no, our packages all including catering as we do have our own kitchen onsite.

Does the beverage package run out?

There is no predetermined limit on the inclusive beverage package. However, we will not serve intoxicated persons or minors. We will never ask you to pay a bar tab for beverages that are included in the beverage package. Your guests can still purchase spirits as part of a cash bar or bar tab.

Can we remove dessert or take food out of the menu to save money?

Meal service is really important to us, so we don’t decrease the quality of the menu to save money.

Weddings on a Budget

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