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Not many brides picture their dream wedding in the middle of winter, but it can offer a lot of benefits and opportunities for the happy couple.

There are in fact many advantages of having a winter wedding, least of all saving a considerable amount of money on pretty much everything.

Read on to discover why winter weddings are becoming more popular, and why you should seriously consider those winter month nuptials after all.

You can save literally thousands of dollars

Unless you’re a ski resort, winter is off-season. Winter is usually a quieter time for businesses, from hotels to DJs, and as a result, usually cheaper.

Winter weddings allow not just the happy couple, but also their guests to take advantage of the off-season prices for travel and accommodation.

With less weddings to take up their business, florists, caterers, entertainment, car hire and photographers are all more likely to offer discounts and specials.

With the savings you make on a winter wedding compared to what you would pay during the summer months, you’ve practically paid for your honeymoon!

Why a winter wedding could be the better choice

Wedding venues cheaper during winter

Most wedding venues are cheaper to hire out of season and can offer you flexibility and availability. A summer wedding sometimes means having to book a couple of years in advance to guarantee the place you have your heart set on.

Having a winter wedding means you’re far more likely to secure the wedding venue you really want. If your wedding is at short notice, then finding a good venue during summer is highly unlikely.

Vendors also have more time available during winter. Your wedding might be the only one that month instead of having 2-3 weddings a week during peak season. This offers you full attention and focus from the wedding venue and they’ll have more flexibility when it comes to time, changes and logistics.

Your guests will love a winter wedding

In an ideal world, you want all your favourite people to attend your wedding, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way.

People are busy in the summer months, with holidays, the kids off school and of course, other weddings.

Those other weddings can also be a disadvantage in unexpected ways. Even if people can make it to your big day, “wedding fatigue” is a real problem.

By having a winter wedding, your guests might not have been to a celebration for a while, and they will be excited about something different.

Why a winter wedding could be the better choice

The weather can be an advantage

Some people don’t handle hot weather very well. A wedding on a baking hot summer’s day can leave guests hot, sticky and irritable, and can turn blushing brides into Bridezillas.

When it comes to the weather, you can always add layers to keep warm – you can’t strip at a wedding when you’re too hot.

Ironically, if the weather does turn out to be terrible, a good wedding venue will have your covered. Here at Markovina Estate we have a fully covered option with a garden backdrop and so even in wet weather you can still have your perfect garden wedding.

And let’s be honest – winters in Auckland aren’t that bad. It hasn’t snowed here in 80 years, so the odds of having a beautiful sunny winter day are not too bad.

Winter is more romantic

With night arriving sooner, a winter wedding goes from ceremony to party pretty quickly!

These early evenings offer a unique opportunity to add atmosphere to the venue. Fairy lights, candles, open fires… all create a beautiful and magical setting, adding to the atmosphere of your special day.

Just make sure you book the ceremony early in the day. If it starts in the afternoon, by the time you come out of the church it will already be dark!

The winter months also allow more creativity when it comes to décor.

Going for a rustic, “winter-cabin” feel is different from the usual summer weddings. By embracing the fact it is cold and dark you can add to the atmosphere. What’s more romantic than blankets and hot chocolates?

Why a winter wedding could be the better choice

Call us for your wedding plans – no matter what the season

The experienced team here at Markovina have seen every type of wedding at all times of the year.

We can take care of everything on your special day, from flowers and decorations, through to accommodation and wedding photos.

With years of experience in planning weddings, we know all the dos and don’ts of what makes a perfect wedding day.

To make that special day go off without a hitch, no matter what month it is, call the Markovina team today.

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