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Winter has long been the less popular season to get married. But more and more couples are now opting to tie the knot in the colder months. If a winter wedding has never really been on your radar, these winter wedding trends may just change your mind.

Now that we’ve officially said goodbye to summer, we can feel the temperature dropping by the day.

Whilst we may get a bout of the blues when it’s finally too cold to wear jandals, there are many reasons to embrace the cold months ahead. If you had always expected to plan your wedding in the winter and get married in the summer, you may find yourself doing a full 180 once you see what winter wedding trends are on the horizon.

Trends come and go but there is something so classic about winter weddings. We still see the same movement towards new styles in fashion and décor, however winter wedding trends seem to have a lesser tendency to become fully out-dated.

We are beginning to see a shift away from the pastels and ethereal looks we have become so familiar with over the past few years.

Here are our favourite winter wedding trends expected to make an appearance this winter.

These winter wedding trends could make you rethink your wedding date

Rich colours and black accents

When it comes to what we perceive to be winter and summer colours, the two seasons are like chalk and cheese. Bright, vibrant colours seem out of place in winter wedding décor and are normally reserved for the summer wedding season. It’s the classic, rich tones that are unique to winter weddings that make a lasting impression.

Adding pops of colour to wedding décor is becoming increasingly popular. But winter wedding trends show we are moving towards darker, often black, accents. If you want your décor to make a statement, this is the way to do it!

These winter wedding trends could make you rethink your wedding date

Heavy, luxury fabrics

Wrapping up warm and feeling cosy is one of the greatest joys during winter time. It’s impossible not to enjoy the comfort those snuggley winter fabrics give us.

New winter wedding trends will incorporate heavy, luxury fabrics to add that universal love of winter cosiness to wedding fashion and décor. Think velvet, brocade and heavy silk. Then imagine the warmth they could give on a cold winter’s day.

We will see these fabrics used in drapery, table settings and bridal attire.

These winter wedding trends could make you rethink your wedding date

Rich chocolatey drip cakes

Along with rich colours, winter is also associated with rich, comforting food. Nothing screams ‘rich’ like a gooey chocolate mud cake with ladles of dripping fudgey sauce.

We call this masterpiece the ‘drip cake’.

Drip cakes have been making their way onto the scene for a little while now, but the winter wedding version is looking to be the best kind. New winter wedding trends also suggest these cakes will be served warm – sounds pretty delicious, doesn’t it?

These winter wedding trends could make you rethink your wedding date

Bringing the outdoors in

If winter flowers and table arrangements have you stumped, we’re here to help. Finding the perfect winter wedding foliage is really not as difficult as you may think.

It may take a little thinking outside the box, but that’s what we’re here to do for you.

Adding a touch of nature to your table arrangements and bridal bouquet has long been a popular winter wedding trend. If you think your options for winter flowers is limited, think again. Here are some of our favourite flowers and foliage for both the décor and bouquets of winter weddings.

  • Peonies
  • Rose hips
  • Pine cones
  • Ranunculous
  • Fern
  • Rose
  • Gardinea
  • Gypsophila

These winter wedding trends could make you rethink your wedding date

Our favourite winter wedding trends create a warm, romantic setting

When it comes to winter weddings, we love the idea of fully embracing the season. Each of these trends have such a ‘wintry’ feel to them that truly set them apart from summer trends.

Each of these winter wedding trends has the potential to add something really unique to your special day, but incorporating all of them will create the perfect winter wedding.

Here at Markovina Vineyard Estate, we are no strangers to hosting winter weddings. There aren’t many venues that offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception locations, but that’s something we take so much pride in.

Imagine a winter wedding complete with a roaring fireplace and beautiful views of our gardens – it doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

With all that Markovina has to offer, we’re not surprised it’s a top choice of venue for winter weddings.

Call us today and let us know how we can help you plan your perfect winter wedding.

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