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You’ve been preparing for this day for months, it’s not like it just popped up out of nowhere! The people who are there with you are your family and friends, and the chances of you experiencing a runaway groom scenario are almost impossible.

So why do we do it to ourselves?

Well, there are lots of reasons why we experience wedding-day nerves and, for the most part, it’s simply human nature. Yes, you have been planning this for months, which means that for months your wedding day has just been something that’s going to happen.

Well now it’s really happening!

Even if you’re known to thrive in the spotlight, being the centre of attention on your wedding day can be nerve-wracking.

And let’s not forget the age-old stress of hoping nothing goes wrong. This one can really have you stewing over the most unlikely scenarios until you’re convinced the day will be a disaster. Don’t let your mind run wild. Everything will be fine.

Words of wisdom to calm your pre wedding day nerves

Your feelings are natural so try to stay positive

It’s important to remember that while you have the power to create your thoughts, you also have the power to control them.

So instead of thinking of all the unlikely things to go wrong, think of all the amazing things to look forward to.

– The people here are are the ones who love you most

– You look stunning

– It’s all under control

– Everyone wants you to have a wonderful day

– Above all, you’re marrying the love of your life. It doesn’t get much better than that.

With all this in mind, it’ll be sure to quash some of those negative thoughts that might creep in on your wedding day.

Remember, a positive attitude is infectious and you are the star of the show. So if you’re in a good headspace, everyone else will be too.

Words of wisdom to calm your pre wedding day nerves

Let your bridesmaids know how you’re feeling

Giving your bridesmaids a heads-up about your wedding day jitters is nothing to feel embarrassed about. These are your closest friends that you’ve hand-selected to stand at the altar with you. For that reason alone, they are also the ones who will have your back in a crisis.

Chances are it won’t shock them to know you’re feeling nervous. They are there to help you through anything that the day throws at you, so keep talking to them.

By expressing how you’re feeling, it lets others gauge what level of support they need to give you. If an irrational thought pops into your head, voice it and join your bridesmaids in having a laugh at how silly it sounds.

Words of wisdom to calm your pre wedding day nerves

Whatever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff

Now that the day is here, all that you’ve planned is being put into action. It’s no longer in your hands but your trusted suppliers and helpers will have it all under control.

You’ll no doubt have plenty of professionals on board from caterers to DJs. These people know weddings like the back of their hand. They won’t let you down.

Assign a couple of friends who can be on the lookout for minor mishaps on the day. If these occur, let them deal with them so you don’t have to. There might be a couple of surprises here and there but your celebratory mood will let it all wash over you. These small things will not affect your wedding memories.

Your wedding day will fly by way too fast to spend the entire day fretting. Just stop, breathe, and take a moment to appreciate how wonderful it feels to have finally arrived at this moment.

Words of wisdom to calm your pre wedding day nerves

Take the time to focus on you

The hype leading up to the big day can be overwhelming and it’s easy to get fixated on how you’re going to make sure everyone is happy. Leave this to your wedding staff, it’s not something you need to worry about.

If there’s one day in your life where you can be a little selfish and let things happen around you – it’s your wedding day.

Don’t feel guilty about accepting help and delegating tasks, it’s what your friends and family are for. Feeling relaxed is vital to enjoying the day, so do whatever you need to do to stay calm.

Words of wisdom to calm your pre wedding day nerves

The staff at Markovina Vineyard Estate are true professionals when it comes to weddings. Big and small, they’ve seen it all, and they know exactly what it takes to ensure the day runs successfully.

Experience is something that can’t be achieved overnight and the team at Markovina has copious amounts of it. You’ll know you are in safe hands from the moment you book your wedding at this stunning venue.

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Wedding nerves are something many brides experience.

With the Markovina experienced and reliable team behind you to take care of everything, your day will be a breeze.

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